How to Fit in at a New School.




Introduction: How to Fit in at a New School.

As this is my first instructable please dont expect this to be amazing.
This is going to help you or a relative get through the very grueling and tough time of starting a new school, whether it be starting high school or moving because of a different reason.

Step 1: Confidence

When starting a new school you need to be confident enough that people will not pick on you or try to intimidate you.
You can do this by:

- Try To act calmly and casually
- Dont make yourself stand out
- Do not act in a horrible or nasty way towards the other students
- Follow and listen to teachers instructions carefully
- Try to make friends with nice people, Not the bullies. (We all know every school has them)

Try not to be over confident because know one likes a know it all!

Step 2: Making Friends

Some students may have already have friends at there new school but if not here are some easy tips on how to choose the right ones:

- Dont get pressurized into being friends with someone, its your choice.
- Friends are people who look out for you, not push you around.
- Act normally around them because true friends wont judge you.
- Try to get a variety of friends so you definatley have someone to go to for support. (Fitting in to a new school could be a drastic change)

Step 3: Other Useful Information...

Other useful information you may need to know during the period of starting at a new school:

- Students and teachers mostly judge on first impressions so dont mess it up.
- Dont worry though because if you do there are many ways to redeem yourself
- Try joining some lunch time or after hours clubs to make more friends and/or learn a new skill.
- Dont get in with the wrong crowd/groups
- Always meet deadlines for work due in (atleast for the first few weeks!)
- If Your Good At Something, Flaunt it!

I think, this is about all you need to know and you should be fine.

I hope this instructable has helped you on your way to your new school or college life! Even if it is extremly Short.



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    12 Discussions

    Can anyone help me? I was being flirty and i feel that i was awkward and then i realized that some trying to avoid me. How can i restart this?

    the snack that smiles back gold fish.

    I wish it was that easy

    I friend of mine ended up carrying a knife and acting psychotic - that neutralised the "being picked-on problem". He then made friends with other people like him (e.g. people who liked getting drunk at lunchtime) This advice is good, and I hope it is useful to others who will find themselves in similar situations. L

    4 replies

    I usually carry a knife anyways (I have paranoia issues) and I usually don't tell people about it- except for annoying teachers and a few kids, but they can be paid to be kept quiet. I try not to be arrogant, but I can usually manipulate my way into the "popular crowd" and use that to my advantage. I am a leader; nerds, other goths, "fat" people, body builders, and their ilk, usually flock to me. I don't usually have problems with bullies either, for I usually end up leading them as well. I have contact in virtually every part of the U.S., and at least one in most countries. If anyone has any bully problems, especially in the Mobile,AL, USA region, find me on Facebook as Dracul Lich and message me, or email me Hope you like the post; feel free to try out my techniques.

    I was being serious, you're not linking the two sentences together are you? The last one belongs to the Instructable. L

    No, I know the second sentence was to the instructable, but I didn't know if the first one was a joke or not.

    i started at a new school last year and all i did was act like myself made real friends and didnt take any bullcrap from anyone

    1 reply

    dude, are you and I the only ones who are actually smart? That's exactly what I did when I came to my new school 2 years ago. Screw fitting in, just be yourself - that's what I say.

    Good job. I'm surprised that it isn't, "Step 1: Listen to tight rap" "Step 2: Swear you f$%#in head off" "Step 3: Only wear Hollister, abercrombie, and American eagle" "Step 4:Get all F's" "Step 5: Bring weapons to school" "Step 6: Have fun!" Good job.

    Best piece of advice: Act normally around them because true friends wont judge you. In other words, "Be yourself." If you aren't "being yourself", then the friends you do make are your friends, and that leaves you in a bad place. As someone who got picked on in school, I can honestly say that the best thing to do is just be who you are, and you'll find the best friends possible.