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So about a year ago my dryer started making this shrill squeaking noise. My mom called a repair man and $180 later the noise was gone. A few weeks ago the noise came back. Not wanting to see my mom waste our money again I did some research and took the thing apart. Due to the simple inner workings of a dryer it was easy to diagnose the problem.

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem

This website helped me a lot.

I clicked on what was wrong, found a diagram of my dryers model, and opened it up. Its really not hard to see what wrong. Once you do, find the tools and parts you need and get to work.

My culprit was a bad drum roller. So I found 2 on Ebay for a $10 and picked up some ring Snap-Ring Pliers at home depot ( had them for $3.00!)

Step 2: Take It Apart

Its all really straight forward.
Take off the door,
remover the front panel,
remove the front assembly (watch the wire),
move the drum out of the way,
and your there!

Step 3: Remove the Roller

Use the Snap-Ring Pliers and carefully remove the right holding the roller to its post.
Clean the axle with a damp paper towel and dry it thoroughly. We don't want any rust in there.

Step 4: Install the New Roller

I decided to use some Leslie's Pool and Spa Lube. Its a dry lube thats not flammable and wont eat away at things. A little goes a long way.
Reassemble, and your done.

and it cost me about $20 with gas



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Really Cool instructable. My dryer was making this loud almost screaming / clunking sounding like everything was breaking apart inside noises. Turned out I only needed an idler pully. Geat job.

     Hey, very cool!
    I had a HORRIFYING SCREECHING noise coming from my dryer once. when I took it apart, something was rubbing against the front pane, ended up fixing it by jamming an old cookie sheet in the gap that made it wobble..... lol.

    I like your fix better tho!

    Before doing ANYTHING, unplug the dryer. 240v can potentially kill you. And if it doesn't, it definitely hurts really bad.

    I worked for an appliance repair company for a number of years and what I always did was use some steel wool on the roller posts to clean off any rust/corrosion etc. Wipe w/ a rag then use some lube on the post and in the new roller itself. Most all-purpose oil lubes will work for it. Anything real slippery.

    It's also a good idea to clean and use a very small amount of lube on the plastic glides that support the front of the drum. Replace if necessary. This is a good time to replace the belt also.

    Also not a bad idea to go ahead and shop-vac any lint that has gathered inside the dryer. You can get in there and remove the lint that has built up in the blower housing and anywhere else you find it. You can take an air compressor and give the motor a blast to clear any lint from there. Just a good way to extend the life of your machine.

    1 reply

     Oh, and it doesn't hurt to wear a pair of gloves while working on a dryer. A good pair of mechanic gloves work nice for tactile purposes.

    Most companies don't machine the inside edges of the sheet metal and they can be razor sharp. I'm actually convinced that some appliance manufacturers sharpen the edges to agitate repair men! haha.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well done. I wish that there was more of a section of Instructables dedicated to fixing things.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is so great! My dryer is also squealing like a hog and I just hate paying Sears to come to my house..another thing it's doing is leaving these yucky brown stripes on the clothes (no, it's not what u think! tsk,tsk). Maybe rust or something, I'll let u'all know after I operate.

    1 reply

    When taking it apart, the most important thing is being able to put it back together. I put all the screw and stuff in a jar so not to lose anything. Also since i have a digital camera I take a picture of what screw or bolt goes where. Some times i ever draw out directions backwards.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I just had to do the same thing to my drier last month. While I was in there I cleaned everything out too and added a solid metal tube vent. It works a lot better now. I didnt use any lube, I figured in such a dusty environment it would clog up.

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    James HaskinScott_Tx

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I thought of that but its such a tight fit i cant see anything getting in there and if it it become a problem I'll clean it out and post on this instructable. Can you believe how easy working on a dryer is though? I mean anyone can do it.

    Mr. Rig It

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent! Sears stores usually have a parts section for almost any make of washer and dryer or any other appliance. You can even check their website and their prices are very good.
    Would you mind adding this Instructable to my group Home Repair, Refurbishment, and Projects it would be good to have your project their.