How to Fix Headphones

Don't do it if your speakers are broken or punctured.

Step 1: 3. Wires

Cut wires so you are able to later saunter it.

Step 2: Step 4

Use one of the wires and connect each wire to part of the speaker. But don't use the wire you using to connect to your device. Then loop do it to both sides and loop the wire to the headphones exosceloten speakers already connected to it.

Step 3: Step 5

Connect the wires from the speaker to the wire that connects to your device.

Step 4: Step6

Screw in the speakers to the headphone exosceloten. Then test it. If doesn't work find out if the negative wire is touching the positive and also make sure the wires are well soldered together.

Step 5: Thank You

Thank you guys for snogging my instructable hope you have fun with your fixed earphones.

P.s the speakers are not plorized



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