How to Fix Leaking Goggles

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This is not a long term fix, and is not guaranteed to get perfect results.

Step 1: How to Fix Leaking Goggles

This is for recreational goggles that leak where the body that holds the lens meets the lens.

Step 2: What You Will Need

You will need two household supplies:
Petroleum Jelly (Aquaphor works well to)
1 to 2 Q-tips 

You may need towels to clean up excessive Petroleum jelly

Step 3: Step 1

Take your Q-tip and get a small glob of Petroleum Jelly on it.

Step 4: Step 2

Lift up the seal of your goggles and apply petroleum jelly generously in between the seal and the part holding the seal. Do this all around the seal and the other side. When you are done, wipe off the excessive petroleum jelly and enjoy.

DO NOT put Petroleum Jelly on the inside of your goggles, if water were to get in, it gets trapped by the Petroleum Jelly and impairs your vision.d

Step 5: What Would I Do

If I won the Epilog laser, I would do many things with it. First if all, I would focus on making new forms of art. Then I would let my friends and family use when they need it because it is very time consuming and stressful to have a company custom cut a material. Lastly, I would fulfill my dream of having a small, "unofficial" business at flea markets and on call where people can bring me designs and I can help them customize it and cut/engrave it.



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