How to Fold a Shirt Using a Dollar Bill




Introduction: How to Fold a Shirt Using a Dollar Bill

Material Needed: Dollar Bill

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can turn a simple dollar bill into a flashy t-shirt made of money. This is really cool for kids and adults of all ages and all you need to have is a dollar.

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Step 1: Fold the Bill in Half

So first of all, you need a dollar bill. I decided to use a dollar bill because if I end up wanting to keep the bill as a t-shirt, it is only a dollar. Try and use as crisp of a bill as you can get. Fold the bill in half, hot dog style.

Step 2: Fold the Bill Into Fourths

Fold the bill into fourths. Make sure when you are making your folds, crease the bill nice and firmly so the bill does not come undone. Fold the two edges toward the middle fold, this will aide in making your bill more even.

Step 3: Fold the Bill at the End of the White

Next, what you want to do is fold the bill where the green color cuts off the white. Again, ensure the crease is nice and firm so the bill stays folded. You can choose either end to make the folds on.

Step 4: Fold the Collar of the Shirt

What you want to do next is grab one of the two corners, fold it so that the pointy end meets the center line. Make sure the fold is nice and firm so your collar will stay nice and firmly.

Step 5: Fold the Bill Into Thirds

After you completed making the color, open the bill back up. You want to fold the bill into thirds. Try and get the bill as even as possible, if the bill is not even, do not worry, you will be okay.

Step 6: Test Your Folds

After successfully folding the bill into thirds, fold it all together and tucking it underneath the collar. The bill should fit just snug underneath the collar. Fold the creases nice and firmly, the bottom one is one to pay the most particular attention to because if it is not nice and firm, the t-shirt may come loose.

Step 7: The Sleeves

This part of the t-shirt seems to be the trickiest part of all the steps. So first you want to unfold your bill. Locate the first third, closest to the end of the dollar, opposite side from where the collar is located. Fold the bill partially, pinch one side of the edges and make a crease, do the same for the other side. Ensure that your creases are nice and firm. Fold the bill back up, and you are all finished.

Step 8: The T-Shirt

You have now learned how to make a t-shirt using a dollar bill. This can be used as a good way of leaving a tip while dining out or you can impress your friends.

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