How to Fold Contour Sheets

Introduction: How to Fold Contour Sheets

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Here is the easy way to fold a contour sheet and pillow case. 

Lay the sheet flat on the bed.

Pull the bottom up to the top.

Now you should have the sheet pretty much folded in half.

Next stick your hands into the the pockets ( you should have 2 pockets inside each other)

Fold one side into the remaining side according to the pictures.

Now lay it as flat as you can on the bed and straighten it out as flat as you can.

Fold the most uneven edge toward the middle of the sheet.

Fold the remaining end over the part you just folded making the edges meet as even as possible.

Fold the left edge toward the center.

Fold the right edge just to center of the left edge so that the folds just touch each other.

Fold the 2 ends toward center.

Fold the top sheet to fit the bottom sheet.

Your sheet should look like the pictures.

It takes some practice, so be prepared to do this a few times.

Pillow case:

Lay the pillow case flat with the open end at the top.

Fold the bottom half up to the open edge of the pillow case as even as you can.

Repeat folding the bottom up to the top edge.

Fold the left side over to the middle of the pillow case.

Fold it again to meet the edge .

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