How to Freestyle




This is a great method of freestyle rapping.

Step 1: Clear Your Head

As mentioned in my first instructable:

Rapping and Freestyling are two different things
Freestyling is on the the spot, requiring quick thinking.
Although you need an active mind,
you must not over-think what you are going to say.
That's why you must clear your mind and focus
on a single thought.
Then let your thoughts flow from there.

Step 2: Follow Up

Most freestyling takes place in battles between friends.
If this is so, (just like martial arts), you should gather information from your opponent(s).
Take a good look at them. Point out weak points in their fashion sense, how they look at the moment, and if you know them well enough what they have done in the past. (Example:An embarrassing but funny story.) Make sure the person can take a joke and laugh it off. (To prevent a fight)
Then start freestylin'!!!

Step 3: In the Moment

As you freestyle, you want to keep the ideas flowing.
(Unless your making a freestyle song) Keep it short.
There's nothing that ruins a freestyle faster than dragging out what your trying to say.
Also remember to keep your rhyming sounds in four sentence phrases or lower.
Try to limit yourself to four rhyming sentences unless there are many rhyming words
that rhyme with the sentence before.
Limiting will prevent hitting a blank in the middle of a thought.
This part is VERY important.
Try to keep you sentences close to equal length.
It's okay to go a little over but don't over do it.
You may also change the sentence length when you complete a phrase.
But the most important rule is, HAVE FUN!

That's about all, you should win just about any freestyle rap battle you come across.
You may take a look at the last page for extra tips


Step 4: Tips and Tricks

Sometimes freestylers like to split syllables to help fill in pieces of the sentence
(Example: Individual = In-di-vi-dual)

Another good tip is to keep the thoughts simple,
but really when your in the moment it seems like you don't think at all

I will update this if i find more tricks
but for now THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!

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rc jedijoemonkey

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

I just bought a mower, think it's a snapper, and a shovel so I can bury the rapper. He is up to his ears, in my back yard, I'm so sick of hearing this urban re-tard. It's not his race, cuz he is actually white, it's not his accent, but try as I might, I cannot simply turn the other cheek, this spastic orator thinks I'm a geek. His words aren't rhyming now, he is stammering with fright, His words have kept me up all night. So, with my yard maintenance tools, I put a flatop haircut on the scalp of this fool. No, he is ok, I'm not a killer, unless you count the mistakes I make with the tiller. That raps it up for me.

rc jedi black 2.this is my method seems as if u took my advice in an attempt to insult me 4.excuse me for trying to make my instructable professional looking and last but not least i hardly call that constructive criticism

NO personal insult intended. I don't know you, I'm sure you are a good sort if you took the time to make an instructable. I want more people to make instructables, whatever they are.I was in a silly mood. I really intended to tweak the rap culture itself, not you personally. I wasn't clear enough. But hey, artists must suffer to really become great. It's just that with rap, it's ok to say anything about anybody. Maybe not you in particular, but the "art" hides behind freedom of expression until I'm the one doing it. Then it's an "attack" on one of the following: race, age, culture, socio-economics, etc. It's a one way street with this stuff. Complain but not accept criticism. By the way, I love heavy metal, and what run dmc did with aerosmith's "walk this way" is a crime I may never forgive. hee hee!

walkie74rc jedi

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

I like heavy metal too, but the Run DMC/Aerosmith version of "Walk This Way" is one of the few hybrids that I actually enjoyed. I agree that almost every single other hybrid (especially the ones that snatch music from other songs and do lyrics over them) has been about as appetizing as a peanut butter and Draino sandwich. Also, yes, nowadays, rap does tend to hide behind "freedom of speech" until it becomes personal. (don't get me started on Luke Campbell and his kids.) It wasn't always like that, though; it was once about skill as opposed to bling and being offensive, and the part of the reason I love the above song is because it's a reminder of that.


10 years ago on Introduction

freestyling seems to be eazier when you associate topics like " i keep it crackin like buttcheeks" see (crackin=buttcheecks)


11 years ago on Introduction

Don't completely listen to these guys. The instructable covers the basic ideas behind freestyle. This is a hard topic to try on your second instructable. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew?

5 replies

11 years ago on Introduction

DjProToJeeX i correct, it's best to cover the actual art of free styling first before you try to teach battle rap, teach the flow before you teach anything else get the mind set of your students into flowing first of all. There's flowing then there's yo momma rap the latter of which you attempt to portrait. Kudo on your instructable tho, every little bit counts.