How to French Braid

Introduction: How to French Braid

A French braid makes a cute up due, and is a fast and easy way to deal with a bad hair day!! I hope the steps bellow are useful, and help you learn how to French braid!

Step 1: Materials:

You don't necessarily NEED all of the materials below, but to ensure the best results these are the things you will need...
1. A hairbrush or comb
2. A hair tie
3. Bobby pins or hairspray (if needed)

Step 2: Decide Where You Want It

French braids can either start at the top of your head, or more towards the middle. In this particular tutorial I used the top of her head, but you follow the same steps for either one. You start by separating a small section of hair from the rest of your head...

Step 3: Start With a Normal Braid

Split your sectioned off piece into 3 even, separate pieces. Once they are separated, do ONE normal braid by crossing the right piece into the middle, then the left into the middle. Make sure you are pulling the hair tight so that it does not fall.

Step 4: Add in Pieces to Each Strand

Cross the right piece of the braid into the middle, but this time instead of leaving it, pull a strand of hair over into it as well.. Do the same on the left side and keep going until you runout of hair to add.

Step 5: Braid Till the End

Once you run out of hair to add, braid the rest of your hair until you reach the end.

Step 6: Tie It Off

Obviously the braid isn't going to hold itself! So when you finish, tie your hair tie around the bottom, and add bobby pins or hairspray to anything that may be sticking up!

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    5 years ago

    i did it on myself its not very nice but ill improve.Great instructions!


    This is a brilliant instructable. Now that I have a daughter I am finding all sorts of skills that I do not possess. Boys are easy. Hose em off in the yard every now and then and they are good to go. Ladies on the other hand I haven't a clue. Currently the only girls hairstyle I know how to put her hair up into of is the vacuum cleaner pony tail.