How to Get Coloured Sheep on Minecraft!





Introduction: How to Get Coloured Sheep on Minecraft!

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Are you sick of all those boring white sheep? We'll follow this guide and that will be no more!

Step 1: What You Need

This will work on creative or survival but I did it on creative. You will need:
Dye(laparas will work as a dye for dark blue)
A sheep

Step 2: What You Do

First find/spawn a sheep. Go onto the dye selection.

Step 3: Dying!

Now with the dye you selected, hold down on the sheep. The sheep should turn the colour dye you selected!(this also works on baby sheep)

Step 4: Shearing

If you shear a coloured sheep, you will get coloured wool eg if you sheared a green sheep you will get green wool.

Step 5: Thanks!

Thanks for reading! Please comment about what you think!



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    6 Discussions

    Oh, this is adorable! My husband plays Minecraft, I'll have to share this with him. He is always coming up with something funny, like mating the dogs, and throwing eggs that turn into chickens and such. Ha!

    1 reply

    You don't have to dye it again. Coloured sheep look funny without wool!

    Thanks! It will stay the same colour

    will it stay that color when the sheep regrows it's wool or do you have to do it over and over?