Get a Epic 1000fps SLOW MOTION Camera FOR $150! and Usage Tips!

Introduction: Get a Epic 1000fps SLOW MOTION Camera FOR $150! and Usage Tips!

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In this Instructiable I will show you a camera (Casio ZR200) that you can buy for $150 that can do slow motion - 120fps, 240fps, 480fps, and 1000fps!
I will also will show you be best way to film with this camera, also I'll give you some very important tips on filming slow motion.
You can Slow the videos down even more by using Twixtor or time warp (in after effects) They can slow the videos down to around 10000fps by adding extra frames.
Here are some examples of what I have filmed and the capabilities of the Casio Exilim ZR200 if you want to see more examples go to the last step (4).

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Step 1 - The Camera
Step 2 - Slow Motion Filming
step 3 - Editing
step 4 - Examples

I would highly recommend watching this video to get a good idea of the capabilities, thanks :)

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Step 1: The Camera

There are a few cheap slow motion cameras but this is by fare the best and the cheapest. Its by Casio and is a quite well made camera and its great for photography as well as slow motion, its 16mp and has a 12.5x zoom. The only problem with these cheaper cameras is that the resolution isn't as good. If you buy a 1000fps camera that has good resolution you'll be paying around $8000 to $10,000. You can use software to improve the quality as well.
The slow motion setting can be easily changed in the menu of the camera, it can also film in full HD. 
I would highly recommend this camera.
Here is a link to it on eBay selling for $150 (price may slightly very) -ámaras_de_v%C3%ADdeo&hash=item3cd122d811&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1219

- Slow Motion
- High speed shooting (30 pic a sec)
- 12.5x zoom (24 Digital)
- HDR/Art
- Full HD
- Duo Core
- SD
- A S D modes
- Fully Manual Mode (15s exposures)
- adjustable aperture

Step 2: Slow Motion Filming

You can just film thing with this camera, but by doing these tips and adjustments I have found you can greatly improve the look, lighting and quality of your slow motion video.

- Put a one colour background for any slow motion shooting thats possible, it improves focus, lighting and is less distracting to the viewer
- When you film in slow motion the shutter speed is fast so it lets in less light making your video dark, so make sure to have lots of light, you can never have to much light when filming in high speed.
- Make sure things that you are filming are lit up will other wise you will get motion blur (a blur from a slow frame rate)
- Put the camera at the most interesting angle for the best shot.
- When filming explosions make sure to turn the iso to the lowest possible (80) so you don't get any bright flares, then you will get the detail of a explosion.

- Never touch the lens or your film will look out of focus and blurred
- Put the camera on a tripod for still video.
- Film everything, cus everything looks great in slow motion!

Step 3: Editing

Editing a slow motion video can improve the video a lot. There is a program called twistor which can slow down videos evan more by adding frames if you can use Twixtor well you can change 1000fps to 100000fps! Although if the video was 10 minutes long at 1000fps it would be around 16:30 hours long. You Can also use After Effects by Adobe to tweak the video to have better quality and a few other things. By using these two programs you can make the video slower and better quality. The programs are rather expensive but you can get trails for both of them.

Twixtor -
After Effects -!3085!3!22132260304!b!!g!adobe%20aftereffects&ef_id=UXtl0wAABDQMilCq:20130427054529:s

Step 4: Some Examples

Here Is my channel if you want to check out more, I would appreciate it if you had a look:) -

Here is a popular slow motion channel on youtube -
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    3 years ago

    This not what I was expecting. This is simply explaining how to use the camera and softwares capabilities. There is no hacking involved with the camera to get more FPS. Slowing down existing frames, simply slows down the Footage, but it doesn't add clarity and sharpness for faster objects such as a bullet. In order to capture these objects at faster speeds, you need to increase the FPS in the camera, not by adding more of the same frames already captured.


    5 years ago

    Very cool, I'm going to try this for firearm development.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am fascinated by your comments,could not find a date so maybe old - however! for me it is relevant today 31/3/2015. I would like to get into communication with you as you seem to have the knowledge that suits my current project interest. I am a freelance Electronic Product Creation Architect ( Engineer ) and I want to create a low cost 1000 images per second camera that is also a hybrid in that by a simple switch morph can be 4K 30 IPS family video camera like the GoPro.. I am also now looking for a Casio ZR200 as you recommended - no luck so far.

    Lee Tracey

    UK -

    44 (0)1691 659986