How to Get All in One Emulator on Ipod Touch Non Jailbroken



This is an all in one emulator for n64, nes, SNES,mame,genesis,ect...

i think for the n64 emulator you have to have ios 7 +

You will have to change the date to 2012 every time you launch the app but make sure that after you get done change the date back to the present.

It will also install a profile do not delete it or you will have to do this all over again

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Step 1:

Go to safari

Step 2:

Look up cool roms

Step 3:

Go to emulators. And then tap on (for ios)

Step 4:

Tap on Retroarch but make sure after it starts
Downloading immedietly go to settings-general- date and time- and change the date to 2012

Step 5:

And now you can go get roms

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