How to Get "Fairy" Eyeshadow!




Introduction: How to Get "Fairy" Eyeshadow!

About: I am 15! And I love to do makeup and hair and I will try to post how to's on everything I know how to do so :)

Step 1: Tools

You will need any eyeshadow pallet, Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara/eyelash curler (optional), and Eyeshadow Brushes

Step 2:

Apply Your Lightest shade to your eyelid I usually go a little past my crease just for good measure :)

Step 3:

Apply Your Darkest shade in the crease of your eye and a little into the inner most corner

Step 4:

Take Your Liquid eyeliner and make a thin or thick (which ever you preferred) line by your eyelashes on the top of your eye...... You may also do a wing which is just were it goes out a little more.

Step 5:

Next you curl your lashes I count to 30 ,but again whatever you like, and apply your mascara a little more on the outer corner of your eyelashes….

Step 6:

Finally You take your littlest brush and apply the white onto the inner corner of your eyes make sure you close your eyes!!! (It hurts if you get eyeshadow in your eyes trust me!!) and there BAM!!! You are done and you look fabulous!! And always remember your beautiful to me :)

Step 7: Oh Yeah

This is my first I hope you enjoyed :)

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    7 years ago

    Really cute!:)