How to Get Free AA Batteries! (With Chances to Get AAA Batteries!)

Introduction: How to Get Free AA Batteries! (With Chances to Get AAA Batteries!)

An Easy Way To Get Many AA Batteries That Are Practically New For Free!
An Added Bonus Is That There Are Small Chances To Get AAA Batteries!

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Almost No Tools Needed!
All You Need Is:
1. A Flat Head Screwdriver
2. A Phillips Head Screwdriver

Step 2: Steps

1. Go to any Walgreens store or another place that develops film from disposable cameras.
2. Ask if you can have some of the used disposable cameras that have had the film taken out of them.
3. They will call the manager to see if its ok and ask how many you want, I simply said as many as they are willing to give, you can say whatever you want but keep in mind the more cameras the more batteries you will have! (I got a box with around 30 at 1 walgreens and on the same road further down another walgreens gave me a dozen!)
4. Chances are they will say they are required to find out why you want them just say they It has alot of useful electrical components. If you say its for batteries or if you plan to use the circuit boards in the cameras to make tasers, they may not let you get them!
5. Once at home with you plethora of disposable cameras, throw away any camera that dont have flash as they have nothing of any use inside them.


The next steps involve opening the cameras! Be careful not to touch any metal on the circuit board as you may be shocked!
6. Use your screwdrivers to carefully pry open the cameras. Chances are the battery is at the bottom of the camera so its best to open the bottom first.
7. Once inside take the battery out. (IMPORTANT STEP)
8. If you have plans to use the circuit boards refer to the next step on how to discharge them to make them safe to handle, otherwise just throw out the rest being careful not to touch the circuit board!.
Now you have a plethora of batteries with many electrical components!
Most Cameras come with AA's but some do come with AAA's!
I usually find the Fujifilm cameras have the Triple A Batteries but 1 in every 5 may be a Dbl A.

Step 3: Making Circuit Boards Safe to Handle!

Discharging the boards will probably freak you out at first but you do get used to it.
As discharging if you dont know will make a loud pop and you will see sparks fly! (Which is pretty fun, Its opening the cameras that is the dull work.)
Some cameras will have different circuit boards but all you have to do is find the Capacitor (The big black cylindrical thing with a white stripe).
I find some cameras where difficult to discharge with a screwdriver as some of the boards had the contacts for the capacitor very far apart.
I find its best to use needle nose pliers with rubber grips to touch the contacts.

Some times you may need to touch the positive and negative connections more than once to get all the store power out.
Make sure you take the battery out first other wise when you discharge the capacitor, it will begin to charge all over again!



I can not be held responsible for your actions and carelessness (If you are careless) if you get shocked!

The shock possibly burn holes into your fingers as my friend told me that it happened to him.

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 2

    First walmart I went to gave one camera and funny looks, the second one invited me to th back handed me a tool and told me i could do whatever i wanted with the mountain of camera they had, I gutted enought to fill my pockets, and a shopping bag and left!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I work in a walgreens photo lab.  In our lab we actually take all (or most) of the batteries out of the cameras to use in our passport camera.  So be warned that you may get home with a bag full of useless nothing. :)   Also, the batteries are the cheapest batteries ever made and most don't last long at all.  But, like you say, they are free so why not.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Could use some photos of what to do & where on the cameras.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I have updated this instructable and hope it helps you out!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Still no photos & still no way to really know what the green & black rectangles are supposed to be... :(


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Careful about the capacitor. It could shock you. ZzzzZZzzzZZ-BooOOooM!