How to Get Free Music (no File Share Sites)

This is an extremely easy way to get music for free and it is legal because the site provides the service for you. All you need are...
1. Fast computer
2. Fast downloading capabilities
3. The ability to read this instructable which you clearly have
4. A usable email address
5. The song you want should be on youtube, google videos, yahoo video or you can possibly already have the music video to the song in mp4, wmv or my favorite, the flavor, flv  or any other format of video.

There are NO file share sites involved or weird crap like that.

Step 1: Step 1 of 3

Go to this website, it has all the stuff you need to get your music and have your url to the video online or the file where you can find them. i.e. new tab, finder window or explorer window.
When you get to the website it is pretty simple. Either.....
1. find the file that you want to convert and pick MP3 format to convert it or...
2. use the download video tab and convert to MP3 music format

***  I am using Mad World by Gary Jules and it is a very good song ***

Next put in your Email address and click "Convert" and wait for it to upload your file.
When the uploader is done it will take you to a new screen that will say your vid has been converted to mp3 and to check your email. Another thing is that Zamzar is private and will not sell your info to other sites to send you spam.

Step 2: Step 2 of 2

Zamzar has emailed you a site link so just go to your email and open the message. I don't have a pic of my inbox but as you can see in the pic my email is up (and so is my facebook lol) and it will say the file download link  on the link from the email. click it and download and there you go with your copy of Mad World. It is a good song and you should listen to it. \

But anyway if you want to friend on facebook, I am a pretty cool guy so as long as you are not a creep, the link will be provided if you message me here on instructables. Instructables is free to sign up so make sure you do if you aren't a member and while you are at it go pro. You have to support instructables, they are a pretty damn good site plus they sent me a Halloween card so I owe it to them. Other than that, enjoy your free music and have fun.



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