How to Get Multiple Likes on Instagram


Introduction: How to Get Multiple Likes on Instagram

Step 1: First,

Touch the compass rose right next to picture button.

Step 2: Secondly

Touch the search users or hash tags area.

Step 3: 3rd

Click the hash tag button. And write, spamforspam. Touch the first one.

Step 4: Done

Click on a picture that says spam for spam. Go on there profile and( if they have like up to 25 pics like them all) like a few of there pics. Then comment, "spam me back?" And make sure to tag them in it. That means like @trippgliss1075. (That's my Instagram.)

Step 5:

Then watch the likes,comments,and followers spill in.



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    Rewind To download the app affair I got the virus inside my cell.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I Feel Instawoot also helps in Earning followers!!!

    Guide here:

    help me get more like,comments,followers please i new this follow me jay_tern_fanpage