How to Get Rid of Adware on Mac




Congratulations you are the lucky visitor today that gets to learn about getting rid of adware on your Mac, and if this sounds familiar, you know exactly how annoying adware can be and the possible damages it can do to your computer.

Step 1: Finding the Probem

If you've made it here to this tutorial then you have probably already found the problem but just in-case you want to be sure you have it, these are some sure signs that will tell you that you have adware.

Step 2: Where to Get Rid of the Problem- Firefox

First close out of Fire fox when you recognize that you have adware installed on your computer. Then reopen Firefox so that the home screen is shown like shown in the picture. Once you are at the home Firefox page then you must click on the Add-ons followed by clicking on the extensions. Once in the extensions part of the menu you will find the source of your problems. To get rid of the adware just click the removed button and the adware will be removed. To make sure that the adware is gone just close Firefox and reopen and type anything in.

Step 3: Where to Get Rid of the Problems- Safari

First open Safari so that it is open to the home screen (It does not matter what browser is you main browser). Next click the Safari button right next to the  logo. Once you have clicked the Safari button click the preferences button. Once in your preferences you will find the extensions and in the extensions you will find the adware (I don't have any adware at the moment but if there was to be adware it would be here and to get rid of it just click remove).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your adware free Mac computer and have a great day!



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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    You just need to use something like malwarebytes to remove this adware. It's easy and even child could do this. Sometimes, very rarely, it's not work. It's time to find step by step guide to solve this problem. Try to find it here or google it, doesn't matter. Mac has better protection than other platforms.


    3 years ago

    First off I'm not a troll. I'm a real human who knows what I am talking about. Theorize all you want... It's just a theory. I actually work with macs on a daily basis and know every aspect of them. I don't care to argue because you clearly think you're correct. So you do you ??

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago


    I respect your views and opinions, if you work with macs every day and you think you know every aspect of them then that is up to you. But the internet is not a good place to spread your views and opinions as fact. I dont't need to argue with you, because I have provided adequate proof of the shortcomings in your opinion. If you cant handle someone criticising your opinion when you present it as a fact, then keep the opinion to yourself. You frame me as arrogant when you blatantly claim that 'you know every aspect of them'. I am simply here to protect and inform those who will read your comment and will believe untrue information based off of your deceit. If you want to live a lie thinking your mac is impenetrable, go ahead, but dont drag other people down with you.


    4 years ago

    Why do I keep hearing that macs don't get ad ware or virus'? When I've read forums where people ask how to get rid of it, people just tell them macs don't get it (and I think-thanks for the help!). my wife has some issues currently, and yours is the first I've seen that talks about it like it's real. Thanks for the write up

    6 replies

    Macs do get viruses, Macs do get Malware, Macs do get Adware... This is true for any computer operating system. There are three reasons people say that macs are immune to viruses;

    Firstly, Steve Jobs literally said that macs don't get viruses during one of his keynotes. (he was lying)

    Secondly, People believe that since Macs take up so little of the computer market share, that people won't develop viruses for Macs. (This is true to an extent, more on that next)

    Thirdly, Back when Macs were not built on x86, programmers found it difficult to program Viruses and Malware for the less common PPC architecture. So they just made viruses and malware for PC's as it was easier and not that many people used Macs anyway. This no longer applies though.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Macs do NOT get Viruses. They get ADWARE/MALWARE which are not VIRUSES. There is a security built in to the OS X of a mac which prevents VIRUSES. A virus completely infects an entire computer where adware/malware is just like an attachment file on SOME system files. Making it VERY EASY to remove anything that finds itself in the wrong folder.


    Reply 3 years ago

    You are incorrect, I have theorised from the way your presented your comment with completely untrue facts that you are a 'troll'. But in the event that you are not lets examine your comment.

    Firstly you claim that Macs do not get viruses, a claim that is unfounded and wrong, firstly you are non-specific and claim that 'Macs' do not get viruses, while you fail to realise that 'Mac' is just a type of personal computer, for the sake of argument lets just say that your 'Mac' is running a copy of windows, now lets look at an example of Microsoft support how to remove viruses on a copy of windows. Now if you were referring to a copy of MAC OSX running on your 'MAC', lets look at an example of a virus called iworm that infected OSX computers.

    You are incorrect in implying that adware and malware are the same thing. As well as saying that viruses are not malware programs. Malware is a umbrella term used to describe malicious software, hence the name malware, adware on the other hand is another umbrella term used to describe advertising-supported software, again, hence the name adware. They are both very vague terms, both could be theoretically be viruses, both could again theoretically be useful applications you use every day. They also umbrella more specific pieces of software such as R.A.T's (Remote administration tools). So you are destroying your own point by saying OSX does not get viruses, rather malware because viruses ARE MALWARE.

    I realise at this point I haven't actually talked about what computer viruses are; According to wikipedia a computer virus is: a malwareprogram that, when executed, replicates by inserting copies of itself into other computer programs, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive; Again, notice the literal usage of the term malwareprogram, a virus is a malicious program ( or a piece of malware )

    You then go onto say that "there is security built into the OSX of a MAC which prevents Viruses". Firstly, there is some description of security on EVERY operating system, but their just so happens to be loopholes and bugs, and they appear in every operating system! You seem to think of OSX as a security suite, or a hardware chip, it is an operating system that you install on your computer. In fact it is quite well known you can install OSX on any PC (Personal Computer), even those designed to run windows or Linux.

    You then go on to state "A virus completely infects an entire computer where adware/malware is just like an attachment file on SOME system files." You are completely incorrect, I have discussed the actual definitions above.

    Finally you say that "Making it VERY EASY to remove anything that finds itself in the wrong folder." and instead of attempting to explain how incorrect this is. I will give you a challenge, I will send you a R.A.T and a rootkit which are both usually considered pieces of malware then you need to simply run the installer and attempt to remove the malware, its obviously VERY EASY so dont complain when a hacker livestreams your webcam, shares all your files and posts all your private information because you believe you cannot get a virus and any malicious software can be easily removed because the OSX god is watching over your.

    Sorry if I seem a little stern when writing this, but your comment is blatantly wrong. On the off chance you are not a troll looking for attention, please research your computers security so you are not making rash and incorrect objections to people comments.

    Have a good Day :)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I glad that I could help someone get rid of their adware. I think EvolvedAwesome gives a great answer to your question.