How to Get Tv Apps to Work on Directv ( Belkin Router)

Introduction: How to Get Tv Apps to Work on Directv ( Belkin Router)

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Tv apps is a built in feature in directv, unfortunately it does not work in 90% of the places I have been watching directv. Usually you get a error 301, or, tv apps is still initializing try again later. This is how to fix it, at least on a belkin router. (Note... For some reason this only works for one tv.)

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Step 1: Restart Your Receiver

First, Press MENU on your remote use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings and Help. go to... Settings, Reset, Restart receiver. And then do that.

Step 2: A Little Known Secret

Now, your receiver should be restarting, as it is doing this: [on the "welcome" screen] PRESS 0 2 4 6 8 on your remote control. This forces it to get a software update, updating it to the newest version!

Step 3: Now This Is the Tricky Part

On your COMPUTER Or any computer You have to Get into your belkin wireless settings. To do this you must type the following into any browser window Put in This will open up your wireless settings (***warning***) don't play around in here you can really mess up your Internet, do only what I tell you and get out.

Step 4: Now That We're in Here

Now that we're in the belkin settings,in the left most column there is something called virtual servers, click on that. If it asks for a password put it in, if you know that you have set a password , or have a reason to think there is a password, you will need it, this is a dead end, if you don't have it or can't get it. Good news, if you know there is no password that you or anyone has set, just leave it blank and press submit.

Step 5: Virtual Server Settings

Now we're in virtual servers Here you can see on the right side a grid that can be filled in. You are going to add three lines to this grid. Check the enable box on three lines In the name box type directv in all three lines In the first box in the drop down menu select udp in the other two boxes select tcp@udp In the in the row where udp is selected type 1701 in the boxes for inbound port and again in the private port boxes. Type 27177 in one of the the other rows in the same port boxes. Put the number 27178 in the other row in the same two spots, then in each row there is only one box yet to be filled. The private IP address in these three boxes put 2 Looks confusing but it's not... just look at the picture.

Step 6: Apply and Exit

Apply changes, and exit your browser (Your router may kick you off the Internet) If it does, just reconnect, it will be ok.

Step 7: Back to the Tv

Step 9. Now back to your directv Go back into settings, the same way as in the first step, menu...settings and help....settings But this time were going into- Network setup then network services Make it look like this: Configuration type (manual) Stb services port (27177) Audio services port (27178) Then go to Connect now

Step 8: And We're Done

That is it, if you did everything right, and got lucky like me, tv apps should now work!!! Hurrrayy!!!

Now you can press the right arrow on your remote and enjoy tv apps.

What can you do with tv apps?

Display your Facebook and twitter feeds on your tv, put your gmail account on your tv screen, along with the weather, this day in history, and a few other apps, it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's ok and can be useful to some people, so try it out. ************************************************ About the author I am am a turntablist, emcee, and producer Follow me on your tv through twitter #quaver911 Get on my blog Please and thanx ************************************************

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    5 years ago

    hey there, DTV tech here. it is generally not advised to force a software update arbitrarily as it can cause issues such as lost recordings. I have personally had this happen in the process of working on my own equipment. we are even told in training that we are not supposed to force software updates to a customers reciever because of this. the software is released on a specific rollout basis which is carefully scheduled by engineers. also, a software update is rarely if ever needed to address network connectivity issues. 99.999% of the time its a matter of adjusting network settings, and nothing else.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome. I have DirecTV, but I don't understand when you say "belkin router". I have two DirecTV Receivers L10 only. Maybe you refer to WiFi TV?