How to Get YouTube Views

As a YouTuber I have learned many things about "social flow". Social flow is the metaphor I came up with to describe how people socially  act and think. Today I am going to tell you how to get more views by giving you an in depth view of social flow. For starters, Are you social? You have to be sociable and easily liked to garuntee good feedback from your audience. You also need to target other people's wants and needs(eg. A person might want good info on how to make something, and doesn't want to go through the process of figuring it out themselves). If you look presentable, don't mumble, and are sometimes funny. But you also have to go with and open heart, tell them how long it took you to do this or make that, how many tries it took ect. so that they ccan get a feel for how hard the task is going to be.

Step 1: How to Get YouTube Views

Step One. Pre Planning

Ask yourself, who is you audience, who is going to watch your videos, and why? Is your audience already filled by another YouTuber? If so are you unique enough to surpass them. How will you draw your viewer in? Will it be with a cool intro? If so are you willing to spend time and money on that intro if a snapshot from the video will look better? Are you ready? Do you have the right equipment(Camcorder, Screen Recorder Program Like FRAPS, Microphone, Cables, Props ect.)? If you have answered all these questions you are ready to start recording YouTube videos, but you aren't ready to upload them yet. Continue on to the next step to learn about proper advertising and promotion.

Step 2: How to Get YouTube Views

Step Two. Advertising and promotion.

One major part of getting views is how you gain your traffic. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Opinionated, or Google+ account, post about your videos there, tell people about them post about them on public feeds or walls. Doing this will, over time, increase your views. Also if you have a PayPal account you can set up your google account to advertise, this costs about 10$ for 100 advertisement placings.

Step 3: How to Get YouTube Views

Step Three. Uploading and Monetization

As a YouTuber you are going to need to know how to properly upload a YouTube video. Since people search for what they are looking for it is nessecary that you provide the right tags and titles. If you have a YouTube video and you name it "My YouTube Video" instead of what it is about, you will get less views because people aren't searching for "My YouTube Video" they are searching for "How To Bend Over Backwards". In short name your video for what it is about, don't give it a genaric name. Make sure your tags are very unique and have to do with your video or else you'll get "lost in the cloud" something a lot of people don't want to happen to their videos.

Monetization is when you make money for your views by placing advertisements in your videos, as a warning I tell you, people don't like advertisements espescially if the advertisements are noticeable. When you monetize your video you get a choice of where to put add on your "Watch Now" page for your video, of corse more ads means more money per view, but be prepared to lose views to those people who don't want to watch that 15 second ad at the beginning.

Step 4: How to Get YouTube Views

Congrats, that was three simple steps that should increase you view count. If you have already uploaded alot of videos that don't match this criteria, take them down and repost them with the improvements needed. I hope you liked this instructable and I hope it helps you. If you want an example go here:      See, I just advertised my YouTube page... There are plenty of ways to do it!

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    14 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I just created an Instructable and it's got over 100 views already on the Instructable site but on the youtube site, the video views only says 21 so far. Wonder why that is.

    Mery Maykiwa

    2 years ago

    There several methods to get a lot of youtube views, if you can spend a money for it, you can buy youtube views at If it is difficult for you or you don't like this method, you can create really high-quality video with interesting description and of course you need to promote it at many different sources.


    3 years ago

    If I share you my channel link, would you tell me why it is not getting views ? I will try to improove it.


    3 years ago

    who ever wants to get views and work with me on that please send your Skype username and lets talk and try to get youtube views.
    if anyone has the method of making yt views so he can help us all.. provide your skype username here.!!

    Prof. Pickle

    6 years ago on Introduction

    If it helps, I use these tips every time I publish something. It should be general knowledge to set out anything you do, make sure it's going to work. Otherwise it might backfire on you.

    I've only been on Instructables for five months, and I all ready have 10 followers and 3700+ views.

    Take his advice if you want it, but don't say that his advice doesn't work if you don't.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm thinking of changing my Wasp video. It's a terrible video, but it seems to be doing ok as far as hits go. How to remove wasps!  I think that people just want see see me get stung. Now that would be entertaining! They also offer pointers on how they would do it to. 

    Some good ideas though.

    Uh hu that is how I roll, and I am just about twenty views away from five hundred, and, that page has only been up about eight months, it noraly takes at least two years before you start to get some flow out of the system

    No, I chose the wrong audience, but it is something I like to do so I chose that audience anyway even though it was filled, that is why I don't have a lot of views.

    That's fair enough. I get what your saying; nobody, generally speaking, is interested in batch files any more but I still make them and post them. Why? Because that's what I enjoy and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

    thegeekeChad Baxter

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Sometimes the fact that no one comments is a good thing. (And by the way, if you keep using improper language like plz, you will never be taken seriously.)

    I would suggest that you actually succeed with your system before you try to post it... that is just my thought.