How to Get EPSXe Working on Your Computer Tutorial

Introduction: How to Get EPSXe Working on Your Computer Tutorial

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Welcome to my ePSXe emulator tutorial!
First i will explain how to download
and setup the epsxe program

First go to and download
the espxe 1.7.0 emulator and save it to the desktop...

Then extract the file contents and put them in a
seperate folder on your computer...

As you can see i saved the contents to
a folder named "emulation" in my documents

Now go to that folder and delete the zipped
folder on your desktop if u want...

Now you will see the folders, two of
them are the most important for now

You need to download plugins and a bios on
the internet

Plugins can be found on sites like this..

You will want at least two kinds of plugins,
Video and Sound.
There are other kinds but they are not important
you will want to try many differnt plugins to get the best
combination of potimal video and sound performance.

When you download one put it in your plugins
folder on the epsxe folder.....

The .dll files in the folder are the actual plugins

now, a bios is like a set of instructions that runs a PS1.
To get a ps1 bios you can either download it
or rip it from your own ps1.
But remember that it is illegal to download it
online, i don't condone it, but it is possible.

One last thing you need to check is if you have the dll
file zlib1.dll in your epsxe folder
If not you can download it here....

Ok so when your done the folder should
look like this....

Ok now fire up epsxe and see if it works

Now you need to set up everything using
a wizard on epsxe.
this is what to select.....

Go through the setup like i did and select
what plugins you want and configure
the contoller on your keyborad if you want.

Now your all set except for games which is explained on another one of my videos.

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    This has been less than helpful, you act like there are pictures included, but there are none.