How to Ghost Hunt

Introduction: How to Ghost Hunt

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Want to hunt ghosts?

Well you've come to the right place, I have 6 years of Paranormal Research under my belt with many more to come. In my time I have come across friendly ghosts, malevolent ghosts and just plain demonic.

But there is a difference, Paranormal Research is more serious and requires more equipment, whereas a Ghost Hunt requires a few bits and bats and is more of a hobby.

In this Instructable you will learn how to Ghost Hunt and hopefully start you on a path to Paranormal Research, enjoy and let's hunt some ghosts!

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Step 1: Find Your Haunted House

Welcome to the first step!

First thing you will have to do is find your local haunted house, get permission to investigate, research the last occupants, it's history and any other stuff. You're almost ready to go!

Step 2: Get Some Friends

Time to gather your mystery crew!

By hunting in a team you're not only making your hunt more efficient, less scary and more safe.

Friends and a group make the hunt a whole lot less scary and by having a team you can split up to cover more ground (just make sure to have Walkie Talkies).

And in terms of safety if one of you gets injured then another may be able to get help or get a first aid kit.

Step 3: Equipment- Camcorder

Grab a Camcorder, it can be cheap or expensive, doesn't matter.

A Camcorder can prove you are not faking it and can also help to show your evidence, you can publish it on YouTube as a Documentary film and prove there is an afterlife.

Step 4: Equipment- Notepad

Back to the ancient methods.

Grab a notepad and a pen and record whatever you see, hear, feel, smell and sense, does the room where the old man was murdered make you feel uneasy? Write it down! You can also record temperature changes and if you had enough money to buy one EMF Readings. Generally a Notepad is on the same level as a Camcorder as far as evidence goes.

Step 5: Equipment- Camera

Cameras are a standard piece of kit for any Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Researcher.

They can sometimes pick up what the human eye can't see and are great to present as evidence. Cameras can also be used to help a spirit manifest, by asking them to use the camera's energy they may be able to manifest enough to catch a glimpse.

A little tip is to take two photos in each location, if one photo has an anomaly (difference) and the second doesn't, there's a good chance you caught a ghost.

Step 6: Equipment- Voice Recorder

Why use a voice recorder?

Voice recorders are used by everyone in the Paranormal Research field to capture EVPs.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and Spirits can use these to speak, you may get intelligent voices or residual conversations and it's a very fulfilling feeling to hear the voices of the past.



Ouija Boards have been known to allow doorways to open and malevolent and sometimes demonic spirits can come through and attach to you. Do you want your fun ghost hunt to end in a Demonic Possession? I hope not.

If you believe you have been followed home by something (even if you didn't use the Ouija it can still happen) call a professional Researcher and a Priest.

Step 8: Have Fun

Ghost Hunts are supposed to be fun, don't get scared as Spirits that are non-malevolent can not hurt you, if you are it is just to get your attention.

And remember to show everyone your evidence to prove Old Man Marley's House is haunted!

Step 9: Tips Section

Tip 1: Demonic Entities:

Signs of a Demonic Haunting:

Sulphuric Scent
Dark Masses
Very Powerful Energy
Bad Feeling
Knocks That Come In Threes
Scratches in Threes

If you recognise any of these signs it is highly likely you innocently walked into a Demonic Haunting, now because you innocently walked in they will not follow you, leave and never return. If you don't and choose to stay they will follow you home and hurt you.

Tip 2: Don't Tresspass:

If you don't have permission, time to call it off, it's better to stay at home than have a run in with the police (or cops).

Tip 3: Don't Go Alone:

You're going to be very scared and are putting yourself in danger. If you are injured, who will help you? Find some friends and hunt with them.

Tip 4: Fear Is Danger:

Ghosts can hurt you, but not in a malevolent way, if you get scared or feel negative slowly walk out, you can cause more harm to yourself and others if you run around screaming.

Tip 5: The Alive Are More Dangerous Than The Dead:

If the Haunted House is in a rough part of the neighbourhood then you have more chance of being harmed by the living than the dead. Just remember that.

Tip 6: Old Man Marley Is Made Up:

I made him up, if you're old, live in a haunted house and are called Marley it is purely coincidental.

Step 10: Picture Sources Find Your Haunted House Get Friends Equipment- Camcorder Equipment- Notepad Equipment- Camera Equipment- Voice Recorder No Ouija's!!! Have Fun! Page Photo

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