How to Give a Cat Pills!




Introduction: How to Give a Cat Pills!

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Sorry, I made this guide after I gave the pills to my cat, so I don't have photos!!

I am going to show you 2 ways to give a cat pills! We all know it is hard, and one of my ( reserve )teacher's cats eats around pills, even if you grind it into a powder and sprinkle it on food!

Note: Feed your cat before and/or after it consuming a pill, or else it won't digest the pill well, and the cat may get sick!

Step 1: What You Need!

For option 1 you will need....

A pill

A cat ( preferably tired!)

Option 2.....

Your cat's favourite food

A pill

A cat!

Step 2: Option 1 Method!

Try find your cat. Hopefully it is feeling fairly tired!! Grab your pill, and lift up your cat's upper cheek/lip, so the mouth is partly open!

Slip the pill in Cat's mouth! Shut Cat's mouth.

You could lightly hold Cat's mouth shut!

Feed cat a meal, so he cans digest the pill!

I use this method with my cat, because it is easy, and ensures he eats the pill!

Step 3: Option 2 Method!

This is a common method of feeding a pill!

Usually do this at Cat's normal feeding time, so it won't suspect a pill, plus it will be hungry!

Glop Cat's favourite feed into a bowl. Take the pill and bury it in the middle of the food. Call Cat's name, and watch it eat the food, so you can see if it eats the pill!

Step 4: Conclusion!

This is the end of the Instructable! I often use these methods, and they both work very well!
Please post what one you think works best!

By the way, the black and white cat is my cat!



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    7 Discussions

    Thanks Tgall! A pill shooter sound really effective and useful

    Another option is to use a pill shooter. My wife and I love animals and so we have quite a few cats that live with us in our house along with a bunch of outdoor cats that we care for. I have found that using a pill shooter is the fastest and easiest way to deliver a pill. The shooter looks like a long narrow syringe. on the end where there normally would be a needle there is a rubber tip with a slot down each side. The slotted tip is designed to hold a pill on its own and it works quite well. The plunger when depressed pushes the pill out quickly. so you load your pill, gently but firmly hold the scruff of the cats neck, rub the tip of the shooter on the corner of your cats mouth until the cat opens it's mouth then slide the shooter just over the arch of their tongue and give the plunger a push. if done right they immediately swallow the pill. most of my cats I can do without holding the scruff of their neck just gently cupping their head. I do have moist food on hand to give them as a treat for taking the pill but also to make sure it goes down smooth and doesn't upset their stomach. Here is a link to a pill shooter on Amazon:

    Very good. I love feeding cats pills. Its fun.

    I love your cat! My cat is a Scottish Fold, so his ear's flop! Great tip about the Band-aids! Happened too many times to me!

    Cute cat.

    Good instructable. I suggest the following:

    Step 0: have band aids on hand. For you, not for the cat.

    Very nice cat, like mine.


    What happened to this cat's ears??