How to Give Everything Personality

Introduction: How to Give Everything Personality

I'm going to show you how to customize things for a cheap price. You can give things so many different personalities, just by putting googly eyes in the right place. In this instructable, I only show how to do googly eyes, but you could do it with all sorts of stuff.

Step 1: Supplies

Self Adhesive/ Non-Adhesive Googly-Eyes (I think self adhesive is much better because it's easier to apply, but non-adhesive probably stick better)
Self Adhesive Fake Mustaches
Other Self Adhesives(Nose, Beard, Ears...etc.)

Everything you need can usually be found at a craft store. I got them at Michael's, but I don't know about other stores.

Step 2: Method One:Googling

Step 1: Choose object [PICTURE 1] and where to put the googly eyes and/or other adhesives. Try to make it look like a face.
Step 2: Pop out two eyes [PICTURE 2].
Step 3: Remove paper on the back of the googly eyes. [PICTURE 3]
Step 4: Stick to the object. [PICTURE 4] Remember, some surfaces won't work very well with the googly eyes. I tried putting some on my I-pod, and they left some of the glue. Also, curved surfaces do not work very well, mainly because there is less surface area holding the eyes on.

Step 3: Option 2: Hot Glue Gun

I don't have any pictures for this one, but it's pretty easy. (WARNING:The glue usually hurts extremely badly, so be careful. Also, parts of the glue gun heat up, so be careful handling it. NEVER touch the metal tip, you could be badly burned.) Plug in your low-temp glue gun. It will heat up in about 5-10 minutes(times may vary.)
Once it's hot, apply glue to the object you want to glue, and QUICKLY put on the eyes. Don't do this on clothes, I'm guessing that won't come out. Also, some materials don't work with hot glue, so be careful.

Step 4: Choose Your Personality

Try out different eye positions to give things different personalities. You could make something look scary, cute, angry, stoic, etc.

Step 5: Google Everything!

Customize your stuff. If you're at a friend's house, google something to surprise them. Or just do it to your family. Google doorknobs. Google doors. Google anything. Have fun. Have a staring contest with one of your googled objects. And have fun!

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