How to Give Your Gun an Effective and Visually Impressive Custom Paint Job




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This instructable will give you step by step directions on how to give your gun(firearm,airsoft,nerf or paintball) a visually stunning and concealingly effective camo paint job.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Spray paint(obviously)- i used krylon spray paint. most of my colors were Krylon Camoflauge colors(khaki,olive,earth brown) but i also used Krylon Satin Italian Olive and metallic silver(for the callsign-see later steps)

Blue painters tape

Foam brush-i didnt actually use this but you can use it for minor details, a ripped up painters sponge also works real good for this.

Foliage- use real or fake branches, leaves, ferns, pine needles or moss.

A place to paint your gun- hang it from the garage ceiling or paint on a piece of plywood. haning your gun is a good idera because it allows for you to paint both sides of the gun without having to wait for it to dry so you can flip it over to paint the other side. I painted my magazines on a piece of plywood [in this case it was my RIVERBOARD(see the below pictures, the one i painted on was my old one and the black one is the one i made last summer)-its a board that you tie to a tree or ock and it skims across the water, its really fun and easy to make, i use mine almost every day in the summer(i live on the river) i might make a n instructable for it in the future so keep your eyes on the lookout for it, OR if you really want to know how to make one right now i can email you some simple directions so comment below if your interested. ALSO I AM WILLING TO MAKE AND SELL THEM IF YOUR INTERESTED. so if youd really like to buy a river board or you just want to know more about them then email me or comment below]

Speakers and an ipod(optional haha)- i always listen to music while i work in the shop because it keeps you having fun and i just love music( and yes i know my ipod is a dinosuar.

Step 2: Preparation

Preparation is a big factor of how your paint job will turn out. Alot of people say it makes the whole paintjob. To prepare for painting you should probably do the following things:

1. Tape off any areas that you don't want to get paint on or in(i.e.-scopes,the barrel, the breach,on an airsoft gun it is wise to tape off or stick a cue-tip in the area where the bb's enter the gun and where they enter the magazines) When i paint airsoft guns i stick a cue tip in the barrel because any paint inside your inner barrel will have great effect on the flight of your bb.

2. Find a good place to paint your gun(i.e. hanging from your garage ceiling, on a piece of plywood) and make sure that you paint in a place where there isnt alot of dust floating around that could get stuck in the paint.

3.Wipe down your gun-get rid of all grease and dirt, to do this its best to use acetone but acetone can take off existing paint or finishes on your gun so if this is a problem you should just use water. DO NOT use mineral spirits, it is oil based and will not allow for the spay paint to adhear properly, but if you accidently use them just wipe your gun down again with acetone or water before you paint. acetone and mi neral spirits both come in bottles that look like the one below, so be careful which one you use.

Step 3: Lay a Base Coat

First of all you need to choose which color will be your base color, the color you choose will end up being the color of the tiger stripes when your are finished.
I used a Satin Itlalian Olive green as my base color, for a desert camo a light or dark brown would be best. You want your base coat to last so i recommend spraying two coats on to it but let the first one dry first or your gun will feel sticky when you hold it (even up to six months after you paint it) so make sure you let all you layers dry before you put the next one on!!

Step 4: Make the Tiger Stripes

Take off pieces of tape about six inches long and wrip them on both sides so they have no straight lines. You can make them skinny or fat whatever your preference is =). But make sure they come to a point on both ends or it will look pretty gay. Put the tape on the gun in random places but try to place them where you think it will look good and try to put them at a slight angle not straight up and down.  When your done make sure all the tape is in the place you want it and that all of the tape is securely attached and that the edges are pressed down(this keeps the lines defined but blurred edges also look pretty good and are effective so you might want to do that)

If your doing a desert camo you may want to skip this step because stripes aren't always effective in the desert, instead you can mist the gun with another color to give it a "sandy" look.

The pictures below are of the gun after i put all the tape on and sprayed the next layer on.

DO NOT take the stripes off when you are done, they wont be atken off until you are completely done painting.

Step 5: Spray the Next Layer

After your done putting the tape on for the tiger stripes you can spray your next layer, in this case i used my Olive camoflauge color for this step. Pics show the gun after i put this coat on(its the same color in both pics the flash just makes it look wierd)

Step 6: Adding Foliage

Take the branches or leaves or whatever you decided on and hold it up against the gun as you spray on the brown in random places. Dont do this all over the gun or you will have to much brown, just do this in random spaces of your choosing. Then do the same thing with tan(khaki). If your going for a woodland looking camo then use the tan very sparingly. I used it veery little and only in a few places.

I would suggest using gloves unless you want your hands to be painted for the next week.

Step 7: Adding a Callsign

This is simply just to add a bit of creativity and personalization to your gun. I used a batman sybol that i printed out on cardstock off of the internet for my stencil.

1. Paint your base color.
2. Put on your stencil and paint that color.

Make sure you tape it off good so that your whole guns paintjob doesnt get ruined.

Step 8: Other Guns I Have Camo'ed

These are the guns that i have camoflauged that i have pics of-more to come!! And the non-camo'ed gun is my Ak47 before i painted it.



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