How to Give Your Nerf Maverick More Power

Introduction: How to Give Your Nerf Maverick More Power

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Step 1: Disassembly

Hi all. This is my first instructable and hope you guys like it. This is how to give your nerf maverick more power instead of getting a spring replacement. But first disassemble your maverick.

Step 2: Remove Screws From Priming Handle

Remove the screws from the priming handle first.

Step 3: Take Off Priming Handle

Once you have all the screws taken out remove your priming handle

Step 4: Put Handle Parts Aside

Put your priming handle parts aside till you reassemble your gun

Step 5: Remove Screws From Base

Now remove your screws from the base of the gun

Step 6: Disassembled

Once you have your screws out of the base pry the base part with a flat head screwdriver. You should then see this

Step 7: Get 5 Pennies

Next get 5 pennies (I'll be using U.S pennies)

Step 8: Put Your Pennies Here

Put your pennies behind the spring

Step 9: Put Spring on Metal Rod

Next put your priming handle part (the one that has a metal rod) under the gun like this. There is then a spring that you must attach to the rod

Step 10: Put Base Together

Then put your base on top and snap it on. You must then put all the base screws back in

Step 11: Out Priming Handle Together

Then Put your priming handle together. Attach the metal rod to the other handle part like this

Step 12: Put in Priming Handle Screws

Then screw your priming handle together

Step 13: Done

You are now done with this mod. But be a little careful with this gun. I found that when I shot people with this gun it actually left red spots on they're skin. But would disappear after a while. And they do hurt when done with this mod. Thanks for reading,

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