How to Groom Your Rabbit




It is good to know how to groom your rabbit so that he or she will have no mats or tangles in his hair. And since they are like cats and like to clean themselves, we want to get as much hair as possible so he or she does not swallow a lot of hair.

Step 1: Wet His Fur

Try not to really wet his fur just get a damp towel and go over his entire coat. I used baby wipes with no alcohol or anything poisonous to the rabbit. You can also use pet wipes.

Step 2: Brush His Fur

Brush his fur with a big comb to get all the hair out. You need to do this especially if they have a shedding coat.

Step 3: Comb It Some More :)

I like to use a small comb to get some fur that was left behind, and I try to make his fur nice because he just looks so cute if he has a nice coat. Comment, favorite and follow me.

Thanks! :)



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