How to Guide to Create Sprinkle Nails

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A few simple steps to create Sprinkle Nails

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Step 1: The Tools..

- Painters Tape or Masking Tape
- Craft Scissor w/ a wavy edge
- Toothpick or Dotting Tool
- Polish

Step 2: Paint the Nail a Solid Color

Paint your nails a solid color and let them dry.

Step 3: Cut the Tape

Cut the tape with the wavy scissor

Step 4: Tape the Nail

Step 5: Create the Frosting Tip

Paint the tips of your nails and don't worry if you go over the tape.. you'll be peeling it off once the nail tip had completely dried.

Step 6: Remove the Tape

Once the tip is dry carefully remove the tape.

Step 7: Apply the Sprinkles

With a toothpick or dotting tool, dip into the polish and carefully apply the dots or sprinkle lines to the tip of your nail.

Step 8: Voilla! Sprinkle Nails

Apply your favorite top coat & Voilla!

Practice makes perfect.. checkout tutorials and tips and tricks on my blog
IG: thetrendynail

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    2 years ago

    Brilliant! I'd never thought of using my wavy scrapbooking scissors for cutting the tape used for marking designs on my nails. I am quickly headed to your blog now!