How to Hide Files in Windows

Introduction: How to Hide Files in Windows

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First off this is very very very easy. Anyone can do it without any downloads. Any files on your computer you want to hide? Then just follow the steps.

Step 1: Starting Off

First off find the file you want to hide. (Pic 1) OK now right click and scroll down to properties (Pic 2) Now under general at the bottom it should say attributes: and under that click that says "Hidden" (Pics 3)... yeah simple enough

Step 2: After Hiding the File

Ok now click ok and the file should look like this (Pic 1) ok now click the refresh.. and Oh No! where did it go? (Pic 2) Well it is still there and now I am going to show you how find it.. NEXT STEP!

Step 3: Unhiding!

Ok now if the file didn't go away after the page refreshed.. then don't fear it is just your computer's settings.. so keep reading.. and if the file did hide.. then you keep reading to because I'm pretty sure that you will want to be able to access that file again.. Am I right?? Ok First you need to click "Start".. then "Control Panel" (Pic 1) Then under the Control Panel go to folder options (Pic 2).. if your Control Panel doesnt look like this then yours is on "Category View".. Go to the left box and click "Clasic View".. trust me its better

Step 4: Finally Its Over

Ok now once you have clicked on "Folder Options" then this should come up (Pic 1).. if it doesn't your computer is screwed.. because it should.. Anyway.. as I was saying.. Go under "View" at the top (Pic 2).. ok now under "Advance Settings" down at the bottom.. (Without Scrolling) it should say "Hidden files and folders".. click the circle that says "Show hidden files and folders" (Pic 3).. and the files that you hid will now look like this (Pic 4)

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    Everybody knows what iTunes is? What's iTunes? JK...I have it on my computer, too!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah just press printscreen (or prtscrn in some keyboards) in your keyboard and open paint or other photo editing software, click edit, and click paste. finally save it and there you have it, screen printed picture file without that "snapa pro" program. well, you're better than the others though, i see someone make their instructible's screen pictures with camera... lol ps. my computer is XP, but i downloaded this vista-transformation-pack from

    paste prtscrn.bmp