How to Install Extensions Into Google Chrome

Introduction: How to Install Extensions Into Google Chrome

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Extensions are a very handy tool to use in Google Chrome. They can vary from dictionaries, email shortcuts or even screen recorders.

Extremely easy and super handy extensions can enhance your Chrome experience.

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Step 1: The Chrome Store

Visit this website:

This is the chrome store. It feature apps and extensions. Allowing you to maximize your google ecosystem. Familiarize yourself with this website, and check back often. Google constantly renews "featured" and devs continue to create new and great apps.

Step 2: Download

Find an extension you would like to use. Most extensions should be free, so no transaction should be required. Once you've found the extension you want, click free, then install. It will now download. Once the download is completed. You will be prompted to "add your extension" click yes, and you have successfully installed an extension. Often, when you install and extension, the developers website will open in a new tab and prompting you to donate. Ignore this.

Step 3: Recommended Extensions

Here are my extensions that I recommend:

Google dictionary

Double click on any word, and it will define it. Quite handy and very easy

Checker plus for gmail

A quick-look at your email, instead of having to go to the website. The extension is fully fledged, meaning you are able to view, delete, reply, etc, all within the extension. Very useful

Mighty Text

If you have an android tablet that is unable to send and receive texts, use mighty text. It'll also sync to your computer.

Have fun checking out extensions!

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