How to Install Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights

Introduction: How to Install Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights

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With the recent arrival of the Toyota 86 or as how it is known here in the states, the Scion FR-S, it has been at the center of the aftermarket world. Unfortunately, for the car enthusiasts like us in the United States, we normally don’t get the same options and features that the original Japanese version has such as LED daytime running lights. Since we are in the aftermarket lighting industry, it was only natural for us to develop an LED Daytime Lights for Scion FR-S in the United States.

Now we have this Scion FR-S LED daytime running lights out, the question is how to install it.

1.) Remove the existing plastic bezel that the vehicle currently has on right now by pulling out the piece. The entire bezel assembly is held on by clips, we recommend using a trim removal tool so that you do not damage the vehicle or assembly. Insert the trim removal tool into the edge of the bezel and bumper and pull with your fingers, it should pop off with relative ease. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

2.) Using the long loom of wire, route the two ends that connect to the DRL lamp to both sides of the vehicle through the engine bay (have the short end of the wire loom on the passenger side). Route the wire through the opening where the OEM bezel used to be.

*INSTALLATION TIP: Using any type of long tool such as a rod or stick, tape the connector of the wire loom to it so you can more easily route the wire through the engine bay.*

3.) Connect the other end of the wire from the DRL to the harness that was routed through the OE bezel and install the new assembly. The new assembly should pop back in just like stock.

4.) Connect the module box/controller to the wire loom and mount in a safe and dry location inside the engine bay. Connect the BLACK wire to the ground wire location next to the battery circled in red.

5.) Disconnect the fuse from the RED wire and route the wire through the firewall through the black grommet found behind the battery.Using the long tool indicated in step #2 will help with guiding the wire through the grommet to inside the cabin.

6.) On the passenger side seat, remove the glove box completely and set aside. The compartment should be held on by a guide on either side, push those in and it should drop down.

7.) Guide the red wire from near the bottom of the passenger side dash to the WHITE wire from the cigarette lighter. This is a very tight spot, but it is the closest accessory wire available that can be accessed. Use the supplied quick-taps to make the connection.

8.) You will have two extra wires available: WHITE & BLUE; WHITE will turn off the daytime running lamps completely when power is provided and BLUE will dim the lights to 50% output. You can use one, both, or none of the functions as they are optional wires. Using the supplied quick-taps, you can connect the wires to your parking or headlight positive wire so the light will dim/turn off when those lights are on.

9.) Using the supplied zip ties, clean up the wires inside the engine bay by tying them down to a secure location. Please make sure to avoid hot areas such as the radiator/engine/hoses. We recommend mounting it to the chassis.

10.) Enjoy your new Scion FR-S LED daytime running lights!

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