How to Install the LED Angel Eyes in Your BMW Correctly?




Introduction: How to Install the LED Angel Eyes in Your BMW Correctly?

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Many BMW owners face difficulty while installing the BMW LED angel eyes ring marker bulbs.  While some struggle with the wiring issues, others are confused with the lighting disasters. Most of the people figure out the problem only after the installation process is complete and then they don’t know how to fix it.

In most of these cases, the customers complain about the fixture failure in lighting the outer ring. While many people consider it as a fault with the lighting fixture, it is actually a flaw in the installation process that leads to this problem. If the angel eyes are installed properly in the vehicle, then the outer ring will be illuminated properly without any posed difficulty.

On closely viewing the headlight installed in any of the BMW series, (for example, E92 3 series, here) one can clearly observe that two different optical fiber cables emerge from the headlight panel. These two cables are actually responsible for traveling the light from the headlight to the outer rings. One of the most important steps that is usually overlooked by most of the people during the installation of the angel eyes fixtures is “aiming.”

While installing these LED bulbs into your vehicle, you must be very cautious and attentive. A slight variation can result in lighting variations at the later stage after the completion of the installation process. You need to be sure that the two light emitters of the LED bulbs are placed in such a way that they directly facing the opening of the angel eye tubes. This will ensure that the outer rings are provided with the sufficient amount of light that is required for adequate illumination.

There is no second option to this one! You need to ensure that the light emitters are placed in the right location or else the outer ring will not be provided with the right amount of power and therefore wouldn’t light up at all or will light up only slightly in some cases. Even after paying a lot of attention and being extra cautious, you may end up committing this mistake; but don’t worry as you can still correct the arrangement by pulling out the LED bulb from the assembly, turning it 120 degrees around, and re-inserting it back into the assembly. By doing so, you can ensure that the LED emitters are aligned in the correct direction and will supply the required amount of light for lighting the outer rings for your BMW Angel Eyes.

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    3 years ago

    This is an instructable?? If I tell you to be careful installing you call that an instructable? What a waste of reading.