How to Install YouTube for Kids to Keep Your Kids Safe Online Watching Video

Introduction: How to Install YouTube for Kids to Keep Your Kids Safe Online Watching Video

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This is a tutorial on how to install the YouTube for Kids app to keep your children safe when watching videos online. YouTube has videos that are safe for kids, but also videos that you wouldn't want your kids to watch like semi soft core porn.

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Step 1: Download YouTube Kids

In your Google play or app store, search for "YouTube Kids" and tap the icon as it appears.

Step 2: Install and Accept

You will be prompted to install the app. Once you click install, you will need to accept the terms to access the components to operate the app, and enter your password.

Step 3: Open the App

Wait a moment while the app installs. The stronger your internet connection, the faster the app will install. Once installed, you may open the app by tapping on the green open button.

Step 4: Establish Settings for Your Kid

In order to establish the safety permitters for your child, you will need to set them. You can set time limits, limit or eliminate search, and more. Tap the lock icon to input your appropriate settings for your child.

Step 5: Confirm You Are an Adult

YouTube has spelled out the numbers for you to enter to confirm you are an adult.

Step 6: It Keeps You Safe

Now you should be ready to hand over the phone to your child. There's additional settings if you tap the gear icon. You can also use the timer to limit how long your child can watch videos. You can see that search is limited to child safe content.

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