How to Install a Faux Beam

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First off you will need the following materials:

•Tape measure
• Screw gun
• Stud finder
• Chalk line (or painter's tape)
• Caulk gun
• PL Premium Construction Adhesive or Liquid Nails
• Screws
• Mollies (if necessary)
• Ladder (if necessary)
• Saw
• Blocks of wood
• Caulk wood filler

Step 1: Let Them Sit

Before you go measuring, measuring again, cutting and installing make sure you allow your beams some time to sit in the room they will be installed in so the polyurethane acclimate (like natural wood it will shrink or swell in certain weather,)

Step 2: Measuring & Cutting

1  First, measure the inside of your beam, you will be using these measurements in the next step. Then, if you haven't already, measure the dimensions of the space you are working in.

As is important in any home renovation project; after you read this guide, have a solid idea in mind of how and where you are going to install your beam(s). 

Tip: Photograph the ceiling you want to install the beam on, print out the picture and “draw” beam onto it with marker, so you get a visual feel for what the finished project will look like.

Remember the golden rule of carpentry: Measure once, cut twice!

Cut blocks of wood to fit the dimensions of the inside of your beam, these will anchor your hollow beam to the ceiling

Step 3: Marking & Stud-Finding

3 Define where you will be placing the beam using your chalk or painters tape. You will want your tape to be inside the edges of the beam, beneath your blocks. 

4 Use a stud finder to locate where to anchor blocks of wood on ceiling.  Make a mark directly on the ceiling to note the location of the studs. Make sure the marks will be visible once the beam is installed so you know where to fasten it to your anchor.

If studs/joists are not where you want the beam to go, you may need to use mollies / anchors to attach the blocks of wood on the ceiling.

Step 4: Attaching the Anchors

5 Mount your anchor blocks to the wall, laying them over the marked studs. Start two feet in from the wall and apply anchors ever  3-6 feet.

If would like to plants, lights or any load from the beam place the mounting block accordingly

Step 5: Cutting Beam and Apply Applying Adhesive

6 Using your twice-checked measurements, cut the beam to size. Making the beam slightly larger than your actual measurements is suggested to make sure the fit is snug. Beams can be cut with a variety of tools, hand saws included.

7 Lift the beam into place to check the measurements.

8 Apply PL Premium Construction Adhesive Poly or Liquid Nails Poly on the top edges of the beam where it will be touching the ceiling (follow directions on the tube.)

Step 6: Fastening the Beam

9 Slid the beam into place pressing it firmly against the ceiling. Keep in mind a helper or two may be needed to install a longer beam.

10 Screw beam into anchors in ceiling.

Step 7: Finishing It

10 Clean off any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out between the ceiling and the beam.

11 If needed apply caulk to seal ends meeting the wall.

12 Fill any holes from screws with colored wood filler.

13 Clean up, you're done!



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