How to Jailbreak IOS 7.x





Introduction: How to Jailbreak IOS 7.x

Have you been wanting to jailbreak your iphone running ios 7? Well today is your lucky day!!

Step 1: WARNING!!!

~Jailbreaking will get rid of your warranty and insurance if you have it.
~If you do some of the steps wrong you could end up bricking your phone (it will not work anymore)(this is rare)
~I am not liable for anything that you may get in trouble for after you jailbreak or bricking your phone

Step 2: Remove Passcode From Your Device

~This is essential, If you do not do this the jailbreak will not work

Step 3: Go to

~Select either windows or mac depending on which you are running and then download.

Step 4: Extract the Downloaded File Then Run Evasi0n.exe

~Make sure to extract and not run evasi0n.exe from the zip folder
~Make sure to run as administrator

Step 5: Connect IDevice to Computer and Click Jailbreak

~Make sure it is fully connected
~Make sure iTunes is not running

Step 6: Follow Further Instructions Shown on Computer

Step 7: ENJOY!!!! :):):):)



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    @dorkpirate @eladd @joshr123 thank you for the input!!

    should probably warn people about bricking and warranty voiding


    4 years ago

    it is detrimental that you first ensure that you update via itunes. If you updated via wifi it will likely brick your device. If it was already updated via wifi or (ota) you should put your device into recovery mode first and connect it to itunes update and restore then follow the instructions above.

    .com not .org (.org is a scam)