How to Join a Minecraft Pe Server

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In this instructable I will teach you how to join a minecraft pe server, trust me it's not as hard as it sounds!

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Step 1: Open Safari

Open safari and type this in the search "" this will take you to a website full of PE servers.

Step 2: Pick

Pick which ever server you want and tap it, a new page will come up.

Step 3: Find the Address

Find the address, there should be a bunch of numbers and a collin, any numbers after the collin is the port (:). In my picture as you can see, there it says address, and a bunch of numbers following.

Step 4: Open Minecraft Pe

Open minecraft pe and click the play button. At the top right there will be a button marked edit click it.

Then a button will appear next to edit saying external, click External

Step 5: Enter the Address and Port

Enter the address as I did in the picture then enter the port as I did in the picture as well, then enter the name



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