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Introduction: How to Join Mcpe Servers

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to join servers!

Step 1: Geting Into Mcpe

First, get into mcpe. Then click on the options button (bottom right corner) and then change your username to something creative. If it's not creative chances are someone has taken it already. If this happens, try a different name.

Step 2: Click Edit

Next, Click "play" and then click "edit" Then click "external"

Step 3: Typing It In

In the address space, type in:
The port stays the same and you can type in whatever you want for the name of the server. (There are many different types of servers but for this tutorial I will show you how to get into this type of server (lbsg) and how to register an account. The server that I will be showing you has many different lobbies so if you want to play with friends you all have to join the same lobby. To do that type in in the address space (you can replace the "38" for any number under 70))

Step 4: Registering an Account

Once you get into the server it will say that this acc hasn't been registered. (If it says this acc has been registered that means you will have to change your username to something more creative) Next, type in /register. Then, type in a password. Finally, type in an email, (it can be fake) Now you are logged in!

Step 5: Playing!

To get into a game tap on one of the signs that say join. If none are open then you will have to wait. This server is a survival games server which is pretty much Minecraft"s version of the Huger Games! Have fun and I'll see you guys soon!



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17 Discussions

I was making a account and when it said to put your email in and i did and it didnt work?

1 reply

same it says out in real email and it is my real email

You're going to have to make a new username and create a new account. Sorry :(

My son needs help. the server will load, but the chunks and blocks will not appear.even when he signs in, he will still be stuck in the glitch please help.

1 reply

Hmm, i'm not really sure why that's happening. Maybe your wifi connection isn't strong enough? Try deleting the server and adding it back in. The server may also be too full and therefore laggy. If this is the case, use a different number then 38 when typing in the address.

Hey guys i need help. I dont now my MCPE password annymore, i want a new MCPE but i dont now how. Can some one help me

1 reply

Sorry this is so late, but you will have to change your username and create a new account.

That's AMAZING!! Thank tou!!

Can someone explain in more detail from step 1 please

Can someone explain it to me? Please?


2 years ago

Lostandlost, The new update doesn't have the edit button anymore. You have to press the "new" button and once you do that, there will be a little icon with an arrow near the "advanced" button. Press that.

Can someone help me? I'm trying to play hunger games on minecraft or but there is no "edit" button. Does anyone know why? Thanks!

The only problem is it says generating server, and generating chunks for forever! How do I get it 2 go quick, and how long does it take?

I have been on this server for months! I love it!


3 years ago

Thanks this server doesn't lag

Thank you! I've been trying to do this forever now!