How to Join TechShop.




Introduction: How to Join TechShop.

How To Join TechShop.

You can first go on the website and check out one of there many fine locaytions or Just go into one of them ask for tour, they will be happy to show you around.

Step 1:

Once you get in TechShop you'll see all kinds of tools, 

Step 2:


Step 3:

gizmo's and gadgets and much much more.

Step 4:

TechShop has all kinds of wonderful deals for single people and for families as well. The particular deal that I got works wonderful for me. I got the three month, three shop glasses, for only $300

Step 5:

If you make a how-to tutorial this website you get a free shop class for every how-to tutorial that you can apply to just about anywhere in there program. I'm going to apply the next one on sand blasting and powder coating class.
Perhaps I'll do a how-to video on that project and even attach a link to that right here. (Link) I made this one at the TechShop Chandler AZ. when I found the time after my welding class was canceled.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! This is a great way to use tools that you otherwise might never have access to!