How to Knit

Introduction: How to Knit

Knitting is a great way to pass time. And a easy way to stay warm on cold days today will finally learn the timeless art of knitting

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Step 1: Materials

First you'll need knitting needles 13 inches to 14 always good for beginners you can gain extra slack in case you mess up I need to fix your mistakes chunky yarn because I always find it is best for beginners because it's easier to move around your fingers

Step 2: How to Cast on

1 First you will need to tie a knot about one inch long at the end of your yarn 2 put the knot on the front of one needle 3 slide the other needle underneath your first. 4 wrap your loose string over the needle you just put under neath the first and pull through. 5 take the first needle and slide it underneath the stitch you just made and repeat to desired length.

Step 3: Knitting the Body

You will repeat steps 1-4 but after you have completed those four steps you will pull off the stitch you just made and there you go!! To have learned how to knit

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    5 years ago

    Thanks, will add to my winter to-do-list!