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Introduction: How to Knit a Pidge Scarf

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In this episode of threadbanger, Corinne shows you how to make a very simple yet fashionable pidge scarf. Using the knitting techniques from a previous tutorial, this scarf is an awesome fashion accessory for both the guys and the girls.


size 15 needles
thick bulky yarn
2 buttons
needle and thread

Step 1: Before You Start

The first thing you should do before starting this project, is watch our knitting tutorialfrom a previous episode.

To create our pidge scarf we used a size 15 needle and some thick bulky yarn.

check out our previous episode:

Step 2: Knitting the Scarf

For starters cast about 14 stitches on your needle (that makes the rectangle about 7 inches wide). Using the information you learned from the previous knitting episode create a rectangle thats about two feet long.

Then measure it around your neck to make sure it is the correct length.

Step 3: The Buttons

Before you get to the end of your stitching you're going to add the buttons, so pick out two you would like to use.

We used a large circle button and a large triangle button, but you can use really whatever you like. However, we recommend you use a larger button for a more secure hold (especially with a looser knit).

Step 4: Measure the Button Holes

Once you've picked out your buttons, hold them up to the stitches on your needle to see how many stitches wide your button is, to determine how many stitches you are going to have to cast off to create your button hole.

Our button took up about two stitches.

Step 5: Making the Button Holes

Here's the confusing part, how you are going to make the holes.

1. First, knit the first two stitches, as you regularly would
2. Next cast off the second two (or the amount of stitches you determined for the button hole, from the previous step).
3. Then knit the rest the same until you come to the last four stitches
4. The first two of the last stitches you cast off
5. And then finally knit the last two.

The places you cast off the stitches will create a button hole.

To learn to cast off check out a previous episode that gives a step-by-step tutorial on the basics of knitting.

Step 6: Completing the Button Holes

After you finish that row of stitching, you want to finish off the holes.

So, knit the first two stitches, then using your finger create two more loops where the gap is.

Knit regularly until you get to the second gap, and add two more loops onto your needle.

Then finish off the last two stitches.

Step 7: Finishing the Knitting

Next knit 4 or 5 more rows after you have finished the holes.

Cast off the final row, tuck and hide the remaining tails to finish up your edge. (to learn to cast off watch the previous episode on knitting)

Step 8: Where Do the Buttons Go?

Try on your scarf to determine exactly where the buttons will go.

Overlap the ends of the scarf, while its around your neck, with the button holes on top. The buttons will be sewed onto the long side of the bottom layer, where the two edges meet.

Use pins where the button holes meet the bottom layer to measure exactly where each button will go.

Step 9: Sewing the Buttons

Remove the scarf from your neck, and place the button where you marked with the pin. Remove the pin and sew on the button starting from the back.

Then do the same for the other button.

Step 10: The Grand Finally!

All thats left is to try it on!

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