How To: LED Incense Burner




Introduction: How To: LED Incense Burner

This Will Be My First Tutorial on How to Make a Box Incense Burn Glow With LED's. I will Try to Explain the Best i can and hopefully you can make one too. This is not only Fun But very Cool Looking when the smoke comes out the holes.

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Step 1: Step 1: Things You'll Need

1: Electrical Wire

2: Electrical Tape

3: 2 LED's of any Color, I Used 3volt LED's

4: Power Source, I Used 2 Triple A's

5: Switch of Some Sort, Very Small one, Or you can just Twist the Wires together when you want the light on.

6: Glue, Hot, Super Doesn't matter.

7: Soldering Gun

8: Incense Box with Lid and Incense Holder On the Side.

Step 2: Step 2: Wire Diagram

If two Triple A's are hooked together it will make 3volts. So you are going to have to Hook 2 Led's together in a Parallel Circuit. The Picture Will Help You When it is time to hook it all up.

Step 3: Step 3: Cutting the Wire

Cut the Wire to the Length you will need and it might be eaiser for you to use different colored wire for positive and negative. If not just mark the wires with a sharpie.

Step 4: Step 4: LED's

You Might wanna Start with the Back Led first.
So Grab an led and 2 wires and solder the wires to the led one on each side of the led. Then tape them or Heat Shrink it so the wires don't touch each other. If your incense burner has a spot inside the box on each side for the cones. thats great. if not you'll have to drill holes.

So you wanna put some sort oh hole in the cone holder and take the wires with the led and fish them through it and out the door where you hold extra Incense. Once the wires are hanging out you can hotglue the led in place in the hole. Try to do it at an 45 Degree Angle torwards where the other will go. The light will Fill the Box Better that Way.

Now Solder the Wires to the other Led and feed them through the Hole to The door

Solder or Twist the wires from each Led together. Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative.

Step 5: Step 5: Power & Switch

So I Used 2 Triple A's I Taped them together and soldered the positive to the negative Like in the Diagram. Get another Peice of Wire and Solder one side to the positive and the other you can leave.
Then Solder the Negative Wires From the Led's to the Negative on the Battery.

Shove the Batteries into the Incense Holder area.

You Should Now have 2 Wires Sticking out of the Door. If you touch them together the lights should light up. Now you can keep it that way and just twist them together when you want the light on and then close the door or you can drill a hole and try to put a small switch or make a switch like i did out of the door.

If you want to make a door Switch then go on to the next Step. If Not Skip to the End.

Step 6: Step 6: Door Switch

Ok So the Door Switch could be done better and prolly done with better design but this is how i did it.

Chisle or File out grooves where the arrows show in the pics. so that they meet together face to face when the door closes. after that you can hot or Super Glue the wires there so when the door is shut they touch each other and make a complete circuit. I made a little hinge lock to hold the door closes. looks cool too.

Thats about it on the door switch.

Step 7: Finishing Step

Now it is Done. Grab Some Incese and Put a Couple in and light em up and turn on the Led's and turn out the lights. the light will reflect off the smoke and will look pretty cool too. Hopefully yours will be better than mine was and maybe next time i will use some red leds. I ran out of resistors so i could use the red ones. but green are good too.

Any Comments or things i could of done better. let me know. thanks

Step 8: Video

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Unbelievable, I just published my instructable on how to make a glowing incense box and now I see that you already did one really similar about a year ago! Oh well, great minds think alike ;-)

    i actually built one of these today, i based it off your idea it is so cool! thanks for the design again