How to Level a Print Bed

Introduction: How to Level a Print Bed

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You have gotten your printer, printed models BUT 15 prints later, you are spilling random filament. This will help you level your print bed.

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Step 1: Find the Current Height of the Print Bed From the Extruder

Every 3D printer has an ideal level, however it is usually ABOUT 1 millimeter. You can fiddle with it and find your ideal.

Step 2: What Tools Do You Need

The tools needed are quite simple. Different printers require different types (I.e. Allen Key, Screwdriver or wrench).

Step 3: Using the Tool to Finally Level the Bed

Before you try leveling manually, check of your printer can be auto leveled (this is for small adjustments), and if not, use approx 4-5 sheets of paper on the print bed and tighten the fasteners


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