How to Litter Train Your Rabbit




Introduction: How to Litter Train Your Rabbit

Hey guys, I am here today to show you how you can litter train your rabbit in no time. I have not posted an instructable in like 2 weeks because I had to go on vacation and after all that got sick. Never mind about me, Let's teach your bunny how to poo poo and pee pee on his potty! LETS GO!!!

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Step 1: First Step Is to Get a Nice Looking Litter Box, Make It Big Enough for Your Rabbit to Rest In.

Step 2: Think About If You Want to Put an Extra Big Big One So That If Your Rabbit Has an Accident, He Will Pee and Poo in the Accident Box.

You can use a plastic bottom cage to do this.

Step 3: Then Use Whatever Bedding You Want, I Just Have It on Newspaper at the Moment Cause I Can't Find Decent Litter Material

You can also use hay so that they can be attracted to the litter box

Step 4: Now Your Done! by the Time You Know It, Your Rabbit Will Be Pooping and Peeing in There. Enjoy Your Not So Messy Cleaning!!!

Best part, don't have to put to much effort in cleaning!!! :D Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

Bye folks, enjoy your weekend and do not ever forget to COMMENT, FAVORITE AND TO FOLLOW ME!!!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So... the rabbit just instinctively knows to go in the plastic box? How does this work? I'm genuinely interested.


    Reply 5 years ago

    To make sure the rabbit knows where to go, take a clump of soiled bedding and place it in the litter tray. They will usually go there after that.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hello! =) I've realised that there are two things that can enhance the potty training process:

    1. All my rabbits and hamsters chose a corner of their enclosure to do the poo and pee after establishing their territory. It would be useful to place the litter box in that corner. (usually the right hand top corner - but it depends).

    2. If your rabbit is comfortable being carried - then you can hold and pet him until you notice him give you a little push/nudge.
    (I read somewhere that this behaviour sometimes means that it needs to go potty) and you can put him down immediately on the litter box. Eventually he'll understand :D

    But this takes a lot of patience and time :D

    Hope this helps! =)