How to Liven Up Your Fondant & Gumpaste

Introduction: How to Liven Up Your Fondant & Gumpaste

Step 1:

Here your going to learn how to get your embellishments popping with an edible varnish. This product was first created for gumpaste flowers and leaves to give them a life like appearance, but as cake decorating techniques expand so do the ways you can use each product. Flower & leaf glaze can also be used to give your decorating a all over shine, If you want one particular feature to stand out from the rest then this product will do just that...other ideas can include giving your 3d car cake a natural shine like a real car, the list is endlist and its up to you as a decorator to create your stand out pieces of art

Step 2: What You Need

Flower & Leaf Glaze Dried fondant/gumpaste embellishment e.g flower, figurines etc Clean paintbrush

Step 3: Lets Get Started

First lets start with our gumpaste decoration and find what we want to stand out, here i chose a mini handbag and I want the hearts to pop out abit more! So all you do is dip your brush into the glaze and wipe away the excess. Apply the glaze to the hearts and that's it. I added abit extra on the top, sides and handle of the bag It dries smooth and really quickly.

Step 4: The Same Bag With a Red Heart


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