How to Make a 24hr Ration Pack





Introduction: How to Make a 24hr Ration Pack

Making a ration pack is really not that hard you just have to know what you want.

Step 1: Find Your Food

This step varies on how much you eat and what you like to eat but really it's much the same. First go out and get your food, in my ration pack it had:
- packet pasta
- tin tuna
- bake beans
- corned beef
- soup mix
- pistachios
- crackers
- up and go (liquid breakfast)
- condensed milk
- water flavouring

Step 2: Packaging It

Once you got all your food ready put it in a plastic bag and then put it in a ziplock bag and your done



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    Yeah I just made this for cadet camp but will think of that in the future Dheigh

    1 reply

    We used to get a LARGE can and use a juice can opener (like the old pop-can openers but with a point to punch thru the metal), and put a bunch of holes in the *sides* of the unopened top and bottom. Put the fuel (small firewood or charcoal brickettes) inside; then light it thru the bottom holes you punched. It's a nice, cheap little stove/fire starter.

    In an a emergency you'll want to move easily and quickly, so I don't think metal cans would be the best idea. Try to limit the items you have in cans as they are usually a dead weight.

    Altho, one or two big ones could be useful after opening as windbreaks to start fires. I suggest large diameter stew cans for this.

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    Agreed. I would go with tuna pouches over cans as a space saving and weight reduction measure. Although I loooooove pasta packs, I guess this Ible also assumes you'll have a stove or microwave working to cook it. Seeing how these cook in a pan over a fire would be an interesting experiment.

    Oops, yeah, you're right. I guess, being an old Boy Scout, I was just assuming that you'd have some type of cooking pan.

    BTW: how long does the condensed milk say "good," and wouldn't a safety filter (i.e: Frontierâ„¢ Water Filter Straw) be a good idea?

    Good thinking on the pop top style cans. And I had never seen a tube of condensed milk like that. Very interesting.

    Great ideas! You can never go wrong with a bit of extra food ready for an emergency. Nicely done!