How to Make a 4 Prong Spear for Fishing by Jon N



If your ever in the woods with just a knife and some string and need food you can use a 4 prong spear this works for fishing and hunting land animals. Here is how to make it.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

So first you have to get your materials. First you need a knife, then a nice straight stick however long you want, then you need two small straight sticks, and then you need some rope

Step 2: Shaping the Stick

Then you need to shape the stick basically shave all the outside stuff away 1 foot from the tip of the spear. Then shape the spear end into a semi point.

Step 3: Splitting the Stick

This is an easy part take your knife make a slit in the stick then take the knife put it in the stick in the stick hit a big stick on the back of the knife to split it.then do the same thing the other way

Step 4: The Sticks and Rope

Next you insert the sticks into tall it's you made then take the rope and go up and down with the rope to through the sticks then use a square or diagonal lashing to the pole

Step 5: Tips

For the spear there are different types of tips you can make for hunting different things like fish cut into it I just did a regular pointy one.



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    This looks awesome!

    However, I have a difficult time understanding some of the instructions. Would it be possible for this to be reviewed and cleared of typos? My husband and I would love to try this on our next camping trip. We are just a bit unsure of all of the instructions. Particularly the last 3 steps.

    Thank you!


    4 years ago

    Hi and welcome!

    We're glad you want to share something with the community, and this project looks very interesting. However, in order to be published this project must contain only original images created by you. Please replace any stock or otherwise borrowed images with your own.

    Once you do that, leave me a message and we will publish your work!


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