How to Make a Battery Tricycle ?

Introduction: How to Make a Battery Tricycle ?

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Hey, friends nowadays we see environment full of pollution and dust and in metro cities it is usually caused by industries and vehicles running on petrol,diesel etc. instead of this we can use cycle but again it needs too much effort ! so i thought for a solution as a simple miniature model of car running on three wheels powered by a little 9 v battery this can be used by children for playing and one more thing is that it is tough enough to be played in rocky soil . "A THING FOR PLAYING AS WELL AS FOR INSPIRING " IT RUNS WITH A SPEED OF 1.2 M/S THE ONLY THING NOT IN THIS IS THE WIRELESS PCB CIRCUIT I DID'NT ADDED THAT BECAUSE IT IS BULKY WHICH DECREASES THE SPEED OF CAR . LET'S SEE HOW I MADE THIS .


Amazing! I made this in less than 1$ or in 50 rs

1. cardboard piece rs.0(i cut this out from amazon box )

2. 9 volts battery rs.15

3. battery cap rs. 2

4. motor rs.10

5. switch rs. 5

6. robot wheels rs. 10

7. double sided tape and accessories rs. 8

TOTAL Rs. 50 (1 $ = near about 60 rs.)

Step 2: Making Chasis

Simply we need a piece of cardboard to be cut into rectangular piece with two wheels at one side and one wheel on narrow side

Step 3: Choosing Wheels

Designing a mobile robot and wondering what wheels (and how many) you should incorporate? You’ve come to the right place. Mobile wheeled or tracked robots have a minimum of two motors which are used to propel and steer the robot. Hobbyists tend to choose skid steering (like a tank) because of its simplicity to design, incorporate and control. A three wheeled robot’s third (rear) wheel usually prevents the robot from falling over. Four wheeled robots have either two or four drive motors and use skid steering. Six wheeled robots most commonly have either two, four or six drive motors. Individuals who use an R/C car as a basis for their robot use rack and pinion steering where one motor is connected to a drive train and the other (usually a servo motor) is used for steering. Increasing the number of drive motors helps the robot to climb steeper inclines by increasing the torque.

Step 4: Giving Engine to Car

The first consideration is the motor’s nominal voltage. DC motor controllers tend to offer a voltage range. For example, if your motor operates at 3V nominal, you should not select a motor controller that can only control a motor between 6V and 9V. This will help you cross off some motor controllers from the list.Once you have found a range of controllers that can power the motor with the appropriate voltage, the next consideration is the continuous currentthe controller will need to supply.You need to find a motor controller that will provide current equal to or above the motor’s continuous current consumption under load. Should you choose a 5A motor controller for a 3A motor, the motors will only take as much current as they require. On the other hand, a 5A motors is likely to burn a 3A motor controller.Many motor manufacturers provide a DC motor’s stall current, which does not give you a clear idea of the motor controller you will need.

Step 5: Setting Framework for the Car

To start, you will need to prepare the sensors by placing in the pins and soldering. After this, you will need to connect the wires to these and solder them into the correct places. Use a map to find the correct placement for everything. After this, you will take your sensor boxes and bolt them into place on the base of the car.

Step 6: Giving Power Supply

Main thing for a robot car is its power source you should be careful while adding battery as it can cause over weight and damage the car so be careful while doing this work . Best of luck ! from my side and please vote for this instructable as this is one which i made with real passion . hope you like it !!

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