How to Make a Bike Trailer





Introduction: How to Make a Bike Trailer

Step 1: Materials

-a drill -10 screws -2 training wheels -2 12 inch bike wheels -pieces of wood -An electric saw 2 bungee cords 2 zip ties

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Cut 2 pieces of 58cm by 15cm. Then cut another 2 of 32cm by 15cm. Then cut 1 piece 58cm by 35cm.finally cut 4 pieces of 10cm by 5cm.

Step 3: Making the Frame

Screw all the boards together as shown

Step 4: Putting on the Wheels

Keep the bolts from the wheels.make a hole 17cm from the back and 4cm from the bottom slide the wheel and add a bolt on each end.

Step 5: Putting on the Training Wheels

Use the 10cm by 5cm as shown and screw it in on the end of the middle bottom screw put a bolt.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Put the zip ties on your bike leave them a little loose so you can fit the bungee cords in them insert the bungee cords in the zip tie hook the bungee cord on the training wheel and you are finished...please vote and like



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    8 Discussions

    Although this is not facebook I'll be happy to vote and like if you show why the trailer doesn't bump into the rear wheel each time one stopped.
    And if you include that video into this instructible instead of sending it individually to people.
    Pretty please?

    If you want I can email you a video just give me your email address

    It works

    Hmm. How is that possible? Most bike trailers have a rigid bar attatching them to the frame. I would imagine when you came to a sudden stop using this design that the bungee cords would go slack and the trailer would keep rolling. What stops that from happening? Do the training wheels lift off the ground when it gets going and then act as a brake when you slow down or something, Im a bit confused why you went with training wheels, Were those just the only available wheels you had? Training wheels have no axle bearings which is why i'm thinking they wouldn't be ideal as wheels that needed to support a lot of weight. I mean if it works it works.

    Around 15 pounds

    Nice build! what is the max weight it can take?