How to Make a Bow With Your Hair




Introduction: How to Make a Bow With Your Hair

Intro: This is a cute and fun style to do with your hair witch is quick and easy to do, it may be hard at first but after some time you will be able to do it in a flash.

You Will Need:

- a hair elastic

- hair pins (2 or more)

- hair that is at least shoulder length

Step 1: Ponytail

Put your hair in a ponytail were ever you would like to put the bow.

Step 2: Bun

Pull the middle of your ponytail through the elastic so there is only about 10cm of hair has not gone through the elastic.

Step 3: Spreading

Take the newly made bun and spread it evenly into a have circle.

Step 4: Split

Make a split in the middle of the half circle.

Step 5: Middle

Pull the 10cm strand of hair over top of the split and pin it down with a hair pin.

Step 6: Pining

Now pin the front down with a hair pin and if you want you can pin the two sides down.



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    6 Discussions

    Easy and cute! This is my new signature hair do for skating I think! :)

    That was soo easy and it cute

    It wasn't as hard as I though that it would be

    Hmmm, I wonder if I can do this with my beard. I'll have to acquire the parts, but if bowties are cool, how cool would a beard bow be?