How to Make a Bowl of Cereal




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Hello in this instructable I will show you how to make that bowl of cereal you have long desired for in the morning


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

The first step is to get the supplies needed for a bowl of cereal: 1. Bowl 2. Spoon 3. Milk 4. A box a cereal!

Step 2: Get Bowl and Add Cereal

First get your bowl and place it on the counter top or table. Then add cereal.

Step 3: Add Milk.

Now it is time to add milk! 1. Get milk 2. Remove cap 3. Pour onto cereal 4. put cap back on milk

Step 4: Add Spoon and Enjoy!

Finally, add your spoon And enjoy your bowl of cereal!



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Reply 2 years ago

Though you may mean well, I'm commenting to you to bring to light a dire mistake in one of your instructional slideshows. I recently procured a box of cereal at my local market for the first time; but alas, as I came home, I came to realize that I had no idea the extensive process behind the preparation of a common bowl of cereal. In a frenzy of distress and rage, I drew back to my knowledge of the 21st century and the technological advancements of mankind and stumbled to my desktop computer, where I proceeded to open Mozilla Firefox, and search on Bing "How to prepare a bowl of cereal". The gray clouds of confusion parted and a bright beam of heavenly light shone threw when I stumbled upon your slideshow which was humorously titled "How to make a bowl of Cereal". I could almost taste my cereal at that point. I followed each step with the utmost circumspection; I made sure to gather my supplies (I checked the list profusely), however, my journey reached a snare in the road when I came upon step number two. The first part of the step was clear, "get your bowl and place it on the countertop or table"(Instructables 2). Thank goodness I had a countertop or table handy, or that would've been very confusing. Furthermore, when I came to the second part of the mandate, my morning took a turn for the worse. The instruction stated, and I quote, "Then add cereal"(Instructables 2). If only it were so easy my friends. There was no instruction offered as to how I should go about opening the box, and that was only the first mistake. I began trying to simply "add cereal" as was instructed, but as I began shaking the box, nothing came out. At that point, I found myself, a grown man, shaking a box of cereal downwards toward a bowl with great force, for at least twelve minutes. At the twelfth minute, I became indignant, and began striking my counter top or table with my unopened cereal box. It was a calamity to say the least, my brothers. Yet, through the muddle of this utter cataclysm, I found myself one step closer to my ultimate goal, as some of the cereal that had rocketed in the air, did land in my bowl. Though not how you or I imagined it, step 2 came to fruition. But, I had no idea what horrors lay in store for me at the third step. When I came to the third step, I was emotionally distressed to say the least, but this would all pay off once I tasted the sweet crisp of a Saturday morning bowl. I carefully perused the instructions that I saw and was delighted to find that they provided specification on how to open my container of milk. I proceeded to detach the cap from my milk container, and with great reluctance, pour my milk onto my cereal. This seemed to be an absolute cakewalk at this time. But, this is where things really turned grim. I came to realize that the slideshow offered no instruction as to HOW MUCH MILK I WAS SUPPOSED TO POUR. Now, I have been known to act with complete precision and a cool-head in times of tension. I did not act that way in this situation my brothers. My body began to gyrate, as my bowl began overflowing with white sin, and my hand wouldn't stop pouring the milk. My mind wouldn't let my hand stop pouring the milk out of fear that I would use too little for the recipe. Once all of the dairy had escaped from its plastic prison, I glared at the bloodbath which lay before me: A counter top or table, varnished with a with a plague of milk and cereal, the smell itself was enough to turn saints to sinners. At this point , the cereal in my bowl that had been prepared properly had lost all of its structural integrity, and was no more than milklogged crumbles. I retreated to the solitude of my room, not to be heard from for at least three hours. This all could've been avoided if there had been proper instruction regarding how to open a cereal box, and how much MILK TO POUR. The solution is simple my brothers, change the instructional slideshow, or publish another slide show entitled "How to clean up a cereal disaster". I bid you adieu gentlemen.


P.S. Nihilo sanctum estne?


I shared a very similar experience, although the scenario resulted in a visit to the local medical center and a bill of 1.2 million Euros. That part was quite strange considering I live in northwest Nebraska. I recommend to the younger folk to stay away from the dry pieces of hell they call cereal. God bless America. Amen.


Question 3 months ago on Introduction

How do you enhance the viscosity of the cereal if the cheerios have a net mass of 20 grams?


Answer 1 year ago

Remove it and return it to the owner. If you know the owner well, you may want to lick the thumb clean of milk, but if the owner is a relative stranger, you may want to add a sarcastic comment on a post-it note.


4 years ago

will this work with a bigger spoon, and does it work with different kinds of milk?


6 years ago on Introduction

Cheerios (or similar toasted oat "O's") are a good cereal for this type of project. I prefer a little bit larger spoon for the eating. Also, for those of us who think milk is gross, you can use almond milk, juice, or even cold water (in a pinch).

Not to get too advanced, but if you have a knife and a banana, you can use the knife to cut the banana into 1/4" thick disks right onto the cereal.

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Paracorder brought me back to this thread and I realized something.

Before you cut the banana, you are going to need to remove the peeling. This is hard to do without completely destroying the banana. Daredevil needs to do an instructable on peeling a banana.

If you already know how to do that, cut the banana across the short width,

and not the length of the banana. You are going for round disks and not really long banana shaped slices.


5 years ago

Also will this work with a different type of cereal

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5 years ago on Introduction

wow. I've always wanted to know how to make a bowl of cereal!



6 years ago on Introduction

VERY funny... I also like your bio (the classic racing car part) and no, I'm not hitting on you:)

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