How to Make a Cardboard Flying Plane


Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Flying Plane

Hey guys are you bored with paper planes! If so I have brought you a awesome recipe of a cardboard plane

Step 1: Stuff You Need marker
3.glue stick
5.old cardboard piece

Step 2: Making the Plane

Take your piece and draw a triangle wing of 9cm from all sides and draw the body as shown above

Now cut the pieces and paste the body on your cardboard piece and cut it again

Make two cuts in the gap of 5 cm and then open it as shown above

Now paste the wings on the cut as shown above.

Bravo we have just completed the plane time to play



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    8 Discussions

    Thanks a lot this is so interesting.

    i have to do this for my school project, i think this one is ok i will use this for my school stuff

    i need cool cardboard gliders for an ailroclub thats am in

    so plz can you put more big cardboard airplans

    thanks !!!!!

    Very cool looking planes! I need to make some of these with my kids. Thank you!