How to Make a Cheap Design Lantern

Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Design Lantern

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Keep in mind this is my first ible, if there's anything you'd like to add, constructive criticism, ideas, anything please feel free to do so. How to make a lantern out of a can!

Step 1: Materials

The list is simple, cheap, and easy. 1: soda can 2: tape (optional) (any tape that isn't clear and won't let too much light out. Use this to cover any problem areas.) 3: flashlight or tea light candle or other source of light 4: pin or needle or any other hole-poking device (optional) 5: craft knife or razor blade 6: scissors 7: paint (optional) 8: wire hanger or a form of handle (optional)

Step 2: Empty Your Soda Can

Seems pretty straight forward. But depending on the source of light your using, whether it be a candle or a flashlight or even an LED, you might want to think about whether you want to open it from the pull tab or poke a hole in the side.


This step is the creative step. The part where you decide what shape the holes are going to be in your can. I'll list some options, but ultimately it's up to you. A meaningful statement or word Holes everywhere to look like stars Shapes Large square for an open lantern Make holes with with pin to mimic stars, cut our letters to make words, or cut out any shape or design you wish.

Step 4: Cutting

Take your scissors or craft knife and make a cut towards the bottom of the can, and then two cuts two make it into a flap. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit your candle or other light source in.

Step 5: File Down the Edges

File down all the edges created by cutting with sandpaper, a nail file it metal file. This way you won't cut yourself. Cover all the filed edges in tape.

Step 6: Optional Painting

You might want to paint your can using a non-flammable paint to give it less of a can-like appearance and more like a lantern. I chose a coat of black paint. It's important to do this after the cutting and filing so you don't chip paint off near the holes.

Step 7: Lighting

Place your candle in the can, close the flap and light. There you have it!

Step 8: Notes

If you're using a candle, you should open the pull tab up top so it doesn't catch all the heat and become unreasonably hot. I'm not responsible for any misuse or injuries caused by making or use of this. By making this you assume full responsibility

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